ABCs of Emotional Behavioral Disorder DVD

Video clip - Amanda's obsessions

ABCs of Emotional Behavioral Disorder DVD

A best practice approach to integrate EBD students

Every school has kids with emotional and behavioral disorders. They can be bright, engaging and fun but are also difficult, disruptive and taxing for teachers and classmates alike. The ABCs of Emotional Behavioral Disorder outlines a best practice approach to successfully integrate elementary and middle school EBD students into the educational mainstream.

ISBN: 1-57861-542-9

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ABCs of Emotional Behavioral Disorder DVDEBD-06W


The video features Bob Clasen, professor emeritus and Molly Kilkenny, special education teacher, as well as student portraits and family interviews.

Segments include:

  • Myths and misconceptions
  • Searching for hidden strengths
  • Amanda’s story
  • Instructional strategies and role plays to de-escalate and resolve conflict

The profile of eleven year-old Amanda puts theory into practice. She is charming but lonely, hard-working but struggling with grades and aware of her challenges yet optimistic about the future.

DVD, 35 minutes, closed-captioned, SDH subtitled, 2004. Includes a PDF video workbook.