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Children with Aspergers Syndrome video clip

Asperger Syndrome DVD

Explains symptoms, causes of and coping strategies

There has been an increase of diagnoses of Asperger Syndrome in recent years. This DVD looks at Asperger Syndrome in general while focusing on 12-year-old Andrew. Includes an in-depth interview with Dr. Tina Iyama, M.D., University of Wisconsin Children’s Hospital. Dr. Iyama explains the symptoms, causes of and strategies for coping with Asperger Syndrome.

ISBN: 1-57861-142-3

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Asperger Syndrome DVDAS-06W


Andrew shows that with successful supports it’s possible to develop skills and behaviors appropriate for the classroom, while maintaining his unique personality. Thoroughly watchable and informative, ideal for staff and parents. DVD 17 min., CC, 2000.

Also available as a part of All About Autism DVD Series.