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Many Attainment publications can now be downloaded to your iPad. Purchase just one eBook download, or get a discounted price on multiple downloads for your students. Downloaded eBooks are placed on the iBooks bookshelf on the iPad.

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Some eBook titles include free curriculum resources that include teaching guides, discussion questions, student worksheets, IEP forms, and supporting examples. These supplemental PDF documents are available from the Attainment Bookshelf website and may be freely viewed or printed.

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Professional Books

AAC in the Schools book cover AAC in the Schools

Nancy B. Robinson, PhD and Gloria Soto, PhD

A comprehensive guide for systematically overcoming barriers in the school for students who use AAC. The tools and strategies enable the SLP to help students master the skills needed to learn in all subject areas and social settings.

Against the Current book cover Against the Current

Bob Segalman, PhD

Bob Segalman tells his story—all 60 years plus. Like Bob himself, it’s funny, truthful, poignant, insightful, and sometimes exasperating.

Aligning IEPs to the Common Core State Standards book cover Aligning IEPs to State Standards

Ginevra Courtade, PhD / Diane M. Browder, PhD

A clear framework for aligning academic content for students with moderate or severe intellectual disabilities.

Better IEP Meetings book cover Better IEP Meetings

Cynthia Herr, PhD / Barbara Bateman, PhD, JD

Helps you foster positive communication with families and other IEP team members.

Better IEPs book cover Better IEPs

Barbara Bateman, PhD, JD / Mary Anne Linden, PhD

How to develop legally correct and educationally useful programs. A definitive book in its field, it looks at key legal cases that determine what's best for each student's education using the IEP process.

Connections and Reflections book cover Connections and Reflections

Karen Altpeter

Connections and Reflections presents 12 thematic photographs and personal essays linked to history, philosophy, art, literature and poetry. These short, beautifully written nonfiction stories lead students to discuss and research a wide range of topics and resources.

Could John Stuart Mill Have Saved Our Schools book cover Could John Stuart Mill Have Saved Our Schools?

Siegfried Engelmann / Douglas Carnine / James M. Kauffman, EdD

The authors speculate as to the potential impact of John Stuart Mill’s 1843 “System of Logic”. If Mill's methods had been applied to education it might have — and still could — change the way we teach today.

Elements of Teaching book cover Elements of Teaching

Barbara Bateman, PhD, JD

Dr. Barbara Bateman provides a research-based strategy that defines classroom best practices in a concise and practical text.

Five Universal Principles... book cover Five Universal Principles of Positive Behavior Support

Annemieke Golly, PhD

After working with children with challenging behaviors for 30 years, Dr. Annemieke Golly has identified five universal principles for managing their in-class conduct and shows how to implement them.

From Gobbledygook to Clearly Written Annual IEP Goals book cover From Gobbledygook to Clearly Written Annual IEP Goals

Barbara Bateman, PhD, JD

Informative and easy to read, this book helps IEP writers move from foggy, “gobbledygook” goals to clean, objective, and effective annual goals.

IEP and Inclusion Tips for Parents and Teachers book cover IEP and Inclusion Tips for Parents and Teachers

Anne Eason, JD, / Kathleen Whitbread

Written from the parent perspective, coauthors Anne Eason, an inclusion attorney, and Kathleen Whitbread, an associate professor—look at inclusion research and practice that help students succeed in and out of school.

IEP Workshop book cover IEP Workshop

Mary Noe, JD / Mary McCaffery, MS / Robert Meagher, PsyD

A user-friendly guide that provides teachers and parents with help in forming teacher/parent partnerships. Included are definitions of special education terms, laws, and techniques.

A Curriculum Resources PDF is available with examples, IEP forms, and evaluation checklists.

Practical Strategies for Inclusion book covers Practical Strategies for Inclusion Books

June Stride, PhD

Elementary school is when inclusion is introduced and when it is most successfully implemented. Dr. June Stride advocates for including all elementary students in the general classroom to the maximum extent possible. See other titles linked on this page.

RTI Workshop book cover RTI Workshop

Edward Schultz, PhD

A book-based workshop for those looking to start or maintain a response to intervention (RTI) program. The author stresses the use of evidence-based practices, high quality instruction, and organized accumulation of ongoing data about each student.

A Curriculum Resources PDF is available with forms, worksheets and materials for implementing a successful RTI program.


Madalaine Pugliese, MS, EdS

This book presents a framework based on seven stages of a learner’s cognitive and language development. Each stage is outlined with learner considerations, relevant issues, communication strategies, and tips for evaluating software. The stages are competency-based, rather than based on age or grade, and include a checklist for moving on to the next stage.

Teaching Communication Skills to Children with Autism book cover Teaching Communication Skills to Children with Autism

Pat Crissey

A comprehensive overview of methods and strategies for developing functional communication in children and adolescents with autism.

Toward a Science of Education book cover Toward a Science of Education

James M. Kauffman, EdD

The author presents a “battle between rogue and real science” and makes the case for a real science of education as our best hope for our children’s future.

The Tragicomedy of Public Education book cover The Tragicomedy of Public Education

James M. Kauffman, EdD

A book for people who are serious about understanding and improving American education. The author presents a no-holds-barred look at public education, special and general, that will shake up you your notions of education in America and give you new insights on badly needed improvements.

Why Johnny Doesn’t Behave book cover Why Johnny Doesn’t Behave

Barbara Bateman, PhD, JD / Annemieke Golly, PhD

The authors focus on 20 tips to help solve behavior problems. Along with advice for creating clear classroom expectations, the book covers Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans.

Working With Troubled Children book cover Working With Troubled Children

James M. Kauffman, EdD / Frederick J. Brigham, PhD

Childhood behavior disorder specialists offer help for teachers and parents of troubled children for learning how to recognize problems early and taking appropriate action before problems become severe and protracted.

Writing Measurable IEP Goals and Objectives book cover Writing Measurable IEP Goals and Objectives

Barbara Bateman, PhD, JD / Cynthia Herr, PhD

Explanations and step-by-step guidance for writing measurable IEP goals and objectives.

Writing Measurable Functional and Transition IEP Goals book cover Writing Measurable Functional and Transition IEP Goals

Cynthia Herr, PhD / Barbara Bateman, PhD, JD

Simplifies the process of developing highly complex functional and transition IEP goals.

Student Books

Learning to Work book cover Learning to Work

Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite, PhD / Laurel Beck Richardson

The Garden Center, Food Service, and Hospital picture stories from the printed Learning to Work literacy curriculum for secondary students who do not read conventionally are now available for your iPad. The stories feature a simple, consistent structure using repetitive phrases to help students focus on the text. The primary story characters are people with disabilities shown in actual work settings. This eBook features Read Aloud recorded narration with word-by-word text highlighting.

A Curriculum Resources PDF for Learning to Work is available with a teaching guide and information about the learning strategies supported by the stories.

Life Skill Stories, Volume 1 book cover Life Skill Stories

Ellen McPeek Glisan, PhD

The 120 short stories (300-350 words each) from the 6-book print edition are available as a single eBook. The stories focus on typical teenage experiences and the skills we all need to navigate life. Reading difficulty is grade level 2-3 (Flesch-Kincaid).

A Curriculum Resources PDF for Life Skill Stories is available with discussion questions for each story.

New Kid book cover New Kid

Mike Baron / Nick Runge / Gabe Eltaeb

Engage students who are reluctant to read with this comic book style reader. The four-part book provides a narrative that explores serious social issues facing teenagers: insecurity, dating, drinking and driving, and bullying. The contemporary art in this graphic novel presents true-to-life characters facing real-world challenges.

A Curriculum Resources PDF for New Kid eBooks is available with discussion guide material for each of the four stories.

Picture Directions book cover Picture Directions

Pat Crissey

The 54 step-by-step instruction sets from Attainment’s printed Picture Directions are now available for your iPad: Cooking, Arts and Crafts, and Life Skills/Play Skills/Discovery. This eBook features Read Aloud recorded narration with word-by-word text highlighting.

A Curriculum Resources PDF for Picture Directions is available with teaching tips to help make each activity a success.

Read for Content: Social Studies book cover Read for Content: Social Studies

Mike Baron

The 120 stories about U.S. History, World History, and Civics are available as an eBook. Help students approach challenging non-fiction with these short stories (200-250 words each) that help students learn to differentiate facts from opinions. Reading difficulty is grade level 4-5 (Flesch-Kincaid).

A Curriculum Resources PDF for the Read for Content eBooks is available with story review questions and key vocabulary terms.

Making Choices book cover Making Choices: Three Stories About Life Decisions

Bernice S. Loeb

Making Choices: Three Stories About Life Decisions provides engaging stories about three different teenagers facing important life decisions. Ramón is a recent immigrant homesick for his native Mexico. Li struggles as her family struggles to adjust after a move from China. Nikki must adjust to the challenge of a new home and accepting a new stepfather. At a critical point in each story, all three characters face a difficult decision - the reader is asked to take an active role in the plot by choosing one of two possible story outcomes. Two different endings are provided for each book, showing the consequences of each choice.

A Curriculum Resources PDF for Making Choices is available with a discussion guide topics and questions.

What's Cool About Music Covers What's Cool About Music eBooks

Stuart Stotts / Joni Nygard

What's Cool About Music eBook collection is an engaging introduction to music for students of all ages. Six volumes cover a wide range of topics including melody and rhythm; instruments from the ancient past to the electronic age; descriptions of Indian ragas, Irish jigs, and yodeling; and the history of jazz and blues. What's Cool About Music is a set of six eBooks for reading on the iPad.