Check out these great tips on enhancing literacy in the special education classroom, from an article of TEACHING Exceptional Children.  [Read More]

Interview with Josh Eacret
Introducing Josh Eacret, the newest graphic designer in our amazing Art Department!   [Read More]
"All students deserve a place in our school system" 
Introducing Megan Best, our new Training and Accounts Manager for California! We're so excited to welcome her to Attainment!   [Read More]
NEW! Curriculum at a Glance
We've created an easy way to check out our selection of special education curricula and see which ones best fulfill your needs. Introducing Attainment's Curriculum at a Glance!   [Read More]
Marking Heidi Barnhill's Retirement
We celebrated the retirement of a cherished member of our art department last month--Heidi Barnhill.   [Read More]
Implementing "Inherited" Curricula
Q: I inherited all sorts of curricula and materials from my predecessor, and now I need to be prepared to implement them (AND organize my classroom). Where do I start?   [Read More]
4 Steps to Organize Your Curriculum
Q: As a first-year special education teacher, I am looking around a classroom full of amazing materials and feeling overwhelmed. Got any tips on how to organize my Attainment curricula so I'm ready to teach on day one?   [Read More]
NEW! Explore World History (Giveaway Closed)
Enter to win an Introductory Kit of one of the brand-new curriculum featured in our 2016 Catalog: Explore World History!   [Read More]
NEW GoWorksheet Maker iPad App 
The GoWorksheet Maker iPad app makes it easy to convert paper worksheets into digital, accessible activities. See for yourself just how simple it is!   [Read More]
Read These for Easier IEPs
A new school year brings new students, new parents and of course, IEP meetings. Do you feel prepared?   [Read More]
Our New Training & Accounts Manager for Texas, René Zelt!
Introducing René Zelt, our new Training and Accounts Manager for Texas! We're so excited to welcome her to Attainment!   [Read More]
Celebrating 25 Years of the ADA (Video)
This video celebrating the ADA, put together by long-time Attainment employee Larry Callahan, also pays tribute to some of our exceptional employees.   [Read More] for Special Ed Resources has helped public school teachers get 740,689 educational projects funded since the year 2000. It's wonderful to see that among the many special education projects, several teachers have reached out to their communities to help them implement an Attainment curriculum.   [Read More]
NEW 2016 Transition Catalog
Our CEO Don Bastian has been determined to strengthen Attainment's foundation of independent living skills programs. And with that in mind, we're happy to present our new Transition Catalog!   [Read More]
Blended Curriculum Tips for Your Special Ed. Classroom
Q: I have one of Attainment's blended curriculum. How can I take advantage of video, software and apps, without feeling overwhelmed?   [Read More]
Attainment's New President: Autumn Garza!
Exciting Changes at Attainment Company! Don Bastian, CEO of Attainment Company, has announced the appointment of Autumn Garza as the new company president. While Autumn will assume the role of president.  [Read More]
Meet Theresa O'Connor!
Theresa O’Connor is our Administrative Supervisor, and she has been with us for over 25 years. The whole Attainment team relies on her in so many ways!   [Read More]
How to Access Special Ed Curriculum at All Levels
Q: I teach a group of students with a range of abilities and grade levels. Do your curriculum and implementation guides account for that?   [Read More]
Access: Language Arts: Research-Proven to Work!
Access: Language Arts was developed as a result of a research grant through the U.S. Department of Education’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program--check out the new, updated version!   [Read More]
ERSB: Bringing Research Into the Classroom
Attainment partnered with Dr. Diane Browder and her team at UNC-Charlotte for a multi-year research project on reading skills. Today, students using the Early Reading Skills Builder Curriculum are making great strides.   [Read More]
ELSB: New Design, Same Great Content!
The 2016 revised edition of our Early Literacy Skills Builder includes a fresh new design and puppet, while maintaining the same great lesson content.   [Read More]
John Sajdak: "Believe in people's abilities"
An Attainment curriculum becomes an even more powerful tool when people like John, with a passion for special education, provide expert training to the schools that use it.   [Read More]
March Giveaway: Explore Social Studies Curriculum
This week you can enter to win an Introductory Kit of a brand-new curriculum featured in the 2016 catalog: Explore Social Studies!   [Read More]
All About the Attainment Plus Website
Did you know if your school purchases one of our Core Curriculum Solutions, we will create a website just for you, full of training materials, PDFs, activities and data tracking tools?   [Read More]
New Partnership with Stages Developmental Framework
New research partnerships bring new products at Attainment! TheStages Math Software & iPad app are the results of a new partnership with Madalaine Pugliese, Ed. S, and the Stages Developmental Framework.   [Read More]
Encouraging Self-Determination Everyday
/Whose Future Is It?/ [1] focuses on the skills young adults need to participate in an IEP and take a meaningful role in planning for the future.   [1]   [Read More]
Special Ed Reform after IDEA
PBS Newshour recently produced a  story about an ongoing chapter in the movement for disability rights: ensuring that schools enact the reforms required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1975. Thanks to students and their families and advocates, schools all over the country now offer a dramatically improved level of services to students with disabilities.   [Read More]
Augment Your Special Ed. Curriculum on a Budget
Q: I’m interested in using Attainment’s Core Curriculum Solutions, but my school just invested in another curriculum. Do you have any products that I could use alongside my current curriculum, in areas where it’s not as comprehensive?   [Read More]
Welcome to the Attainment Connections Blog!
In our decades-long existence, we’ve learned so much about the amazing community we serve, and we’re still learning something new every day.  One thing that we’ve seen time and again is that.  [Read More]

New Insights into Research-Based Curricula: Meet Dr. Angel Lee

We’ve been very lucky to work with outstanding researchers and authors here at Attainment.  Dr. Angel Lee was part of the team of researchers at UNC-Charlotte that developed the Early Literacy.  [Read More]