Attainment WorkStation

Attainment WorkStation

No hassle! It’s so easy. Just plug it in and you’re ready to explore.

Attainment WorkStation is a powerful assistive technology tool, so versatile it can be effective in any special education classroom. Its central feature is a unique suite of 45 pre-installed software programs covering the K–12 grade span.

The software suite includes both Attainment titles—addressing ELA, math, music, and life skill subjects; and Laureate titles—focusing on language development concepts. All titles have the attributes of quality software you’ve come to expect: visual and audio support, age-appropriate content, easy-to-use interface, systematic presentation of skills, scanning capability for switch users, unlimited student logins, personalized options, and student performance reports. Students access the software via the WorkStation’s built-in touch screen, keyboard, and mouse; or add the optional Simply Works wireless switch system described below. This suite’s extensive collection of titles—plus the variety of accessibility options—offers all your students, regardless of age and ability, appropriate and challenging computer-based activities.

ProductItem No.PriceQty.
Attainment WorkStationAWS-37W
Attainment WorkStation with Simply Works Wireless SwtichAWS-57W


The software suite comes preloaded on a powerful computer with 23” touch screen monitor, Windows 7 Professional, and a quick Intel® Core™ processor. This fully functional computer, network ready, can also to run your favorite Windows-based programs from other publishers. Attainment’s WorkStation is super simple to set up; there’s no need to rely on your IT Department to get it going. Another plus: it has a three-year warranty for software and hardware, and free technical support.

Optional Simply Works lets a switch user communicate with the Attainment WorkStation wirelessly. It’s easy to set up, and includes a receiver that connects to the computer’s USB port and a 5” diameter wireless switch.

Attainment’s WorkStation is super simple to set up. There’s no need to rely on your IT Department to get it going. Another plus: it has a three-year warranty for software and hardware, and free technical support.

Preloaded Attainment software includes:


English Language Arts: Life Skills:
 Language Builder  Community Success  
 ELSB Software  Computers at Work
 Interactive Reading Books  Personal Success
 Mini Mystery Readers  Picture Cue Dictionary  
 Learning to Get Along Survival Signs and Symbols
 Sound Out Chapter Books  Connections in the Workplace
 Basic Sight Words  Do the Right Thing
 Looking for Words  Dynamite Emotions
 WordWise  Focus on Feelings
 Access Language Arts  Life Skill Readers
 Developing Reading Fluency   Safety Skills Reader
   Self-Determination Readers
Math Skills:  Social Story Readers
 Show Me Math  Social Skills at Work
 Counting Coins  Social Success   NEW
 Making Change  Whose Future Is It?
 Spending Money     
 MatchTime Other:
   What's Cool About Music
Laureate Software:  GoTalk Overlay Software
 Creature Chorus  
 First Words  
 First Words 2  
 First Verbs  
 Exploring Nouns  
 Exploring Verbs  
 First Categories  
 Simple Sentence Structure  
 My House, My Town, My School  
 Following Directions: Simple Commands  
 Following Directions: Left and Right  
 Language for Theory of Mind  


  • 45 Preloaded quality Attainment and Laureate software programs
  • Covers language arts, math, life skills, social skills, and music
  • Built-in 23-inch touch screen
  • Super easy setup
  • Network ready
  • Keyboard, mouse, setup instructions, and software documentation in pdfs
  • Three-year warranty on hardware and software
  • Free customer service and technical support
  • Free personalized webinar on request

For additional hardware specifications, see the Data Sheet under the Support tab.

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.