Attainment's Research-Based Curricula

Research shows that students with intellectual disability or autism can learn essential academic skills by pairing well-designed lessons with high quality teaching. So what's the best way to attain that objective? Attainment has formed partnerships with leading researchers across the country. We adhere to the step-by-step curriculum development approach that covers both what to teach and how to teach it. Following the eight-step process below, we’ve published a dozen curricula in language arts, math, science, and self-determination. It's neither quick nor easy, but it's the only way to provide what your students deserve: top-notch research, best instructional practices, easy-to-implement materials in multiple formats, and teacher-driven lessons.

Attainment's Curriculum Development Approach

1. Build the foundation
Review previous research
Consult with experts
Establish primary objectives
2. Create scope and sequence
Teachable bjectives
Skill progression across curriculum
Built-in lesson repetition
3. Integrate ststematic instruction
Teacher driven
Scripted lessons
Ongoing assessments
4. Apply evidence-based practices
Least prompt trategy
Time delay
Constant feedback
5. Acommodate all learners
Assistive technology
Universal design principles
Differentiated instruction
6. Conduct empirical research
Scientific methods
Actual classroom settings
Peer reviewed journals
7. Develop curriculum for publication
Analyze research results
Respond to teacher input
Create user-friendly lessons
8. Produce in multiple formats
Printed materials
Hands-on learning
Interactive software and apps


Attainment Curricula
Self Determination     Whose Future Is It?
Language   LanguageLinks to Literacy    
Math   Early Numeracy   Teaching to Standards: Math  
Science   Early Science   Teaching to Standards: Science  
Low Incidence ELA   Early Literacy Skills Builder
Building with Stories
Early Reading Skills Builder
Teaching to Standards: ELA
  Pathways to Literacy    
High Incidence ELA PASS EPAAC    
  Elementary Middle Secondary