Dollars & Cents iPad App
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Dollars & Cents iPad App

Fun way to integrate money skills into your curriculum

The Dollars & Cents iPad App is a great way to integrate functional money skills into your math curriculum. It features three progressive programs:

  • Counting Coins
  • Spending Money
  • Making Change

Each program features realistic graphics, speech supports, an easy-to-follow interface, data collection, scanning capabilities, and a unified teacher management system.

This app is available for download on the App Store and you can also buy it directly from us. Click here for more information. If you purchase from us, we offer a 25% discount on 5 apps and a 50% discount on 20 apps (see below).

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Attainment Company has produced several functional math programs over the years. As technology continues to change and advance, so do Attainment’s collection of math resources. We now offer a comprehensive iPad app that teaches a variety of money skills: Dollars and Cents. Dollars and Cents features three progressive programs with options to use either U.S. or Canadian currency: Counting Coins, Spending Money, and Making Change. All of the programs feature clear, realistic graphics and an easy-to-navigate interface. Plus, this money talks! Personalize each program: select activities, determine which coins and bills are presented, choose U.S. or Canadian currency, and set scanning options.

Counting Coins has four activities: Naming, Matching, Sorting, and Vending Machine.

In Spending Money, students shop for items and pay for them with computer cash, using the exact amount or the next-dollar approach.

In Making Change, the most advanced program, students function as store clerks, entering purchases and giving back change.

Standout Features:

  • Realistic graphics
  • Age-neutral content
  • Speech supports
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Unified management system
  • Select coins and bills for each user
  • Choose between U.S. and Canadian currency
  • Access Dollars and Cents with single or two-switch scanning.

Compatible with iPad, iOS or later.

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Also available as Win/Mac software - Dollars & Cents Software.

This app is available for download on the App Store. You can also buy it directly from us and here’s how it works: We have free and full versions of our apps at the App Store. The free apps have an in-app purchase option to upgrade to the full version. Attainment will provide an Access Code in a subsequent email so you can convert the free app to the full-featured version.

When ordering apps directly from us, please include the email address(es) of the end-user(s).

We also offer mix and match same-priced apps to reach quantity discounts. District-wide Licenses are also available. Call 800-327-4269 for more info or a quote.

Also available as a part of Functional Math App Bundle

Free Version

Dollars & Cents FREE iPad AppDollar & Cents iPad App FREE

  • Free version uses only $1 bill, Quarters, and Nickels. Canadian currency limited to quarters, nickels, and $2 coin
  • 3 categories: Counting Coins (self-explanatory), Spending Money (students go to the mall with a list of specific items to buy), and Making Change (students take on the role of cashier)
  • Full version has all units of currency from 1¢ to $20 (both American & Canadian) and a quiz mode that tracks student progress
  • Upgrade to full version with in-app purchase (or with Access Code purchased from Attainment)