eCatalog FAQ

Attainment Company eCatalogs are interactive, multi-media catalogs that include video pop-ups and quick access to pages on the Attainment Company website, plus links to sample pages and research. An eCatalog can be viewed via a link to the web browser on your desktop computer or tablet, or it can be opened from the Attainment App on your iPad, Kindle Fire HD, or Android tablet.

Where can I find links for Attainment eCatalogs?
Links to our eCatalogs can be found on the home page. You’ll need an internet connection to view the catalog pages in your browser.

What should I do if an eCatalog will not load in the browser on my desktop or laptop computer?
If the link results in only an empty browser window, check to see if you have an ad blocker or firewall that prevents Flash animations from loading in your browser. If you do, configure it to enable the Flash Player.

What can I do if the eCatalog loads, but the pages are blank?
You most likely have a firewall installed that is preventing the pages from loading properly. Make sure your firewall allows you to load content from all domains (e.g.,,,

The catalog pages turn slowly on screen, or the links don't load consistently. How can I improve this?
You probably need to clear your browser cache. Go to the browser settings and delete temporary internet files.

When I add an item to the shopping cart, the item does not stay in the cart when I leave the page.
The product links on the catalog pages take you to our main website. Clicking on a link opens a new browser tab or window. While at the website, you can use the shopping cart to add purchases. If you are unable to add multiple products to your shopping cart, change the privacy setting in your browser to allow cookies.

How do I turn off the page flipping sound for the desktop version of the catalog?
The page flip sound (used on desktop version only) can be turned off by opening the gear-icon   menu, where you can adjust the page flip sound and other page function settings.

How can I make the eCatalog available when I don’t have an internet connection?
On a desktop or laptop, you can copy the catalog onto your desktop. Click the   toolbar button to open an “install now” page with a download link. In order for the catalog to run from the desktop, you must also install the free Adobe AIR™ runtime software (a link for this is also available on the “install now” page). Note that videos may be viewed offline, but links to our website will not work without an internet connection.

What is the Attainment App?
If you are a tablet user, the easiest way to receive and view Attainment catalogs is by having the Attainment App on your tablet. When a new catalog is available, the App will automatically add it to your app library.

How can I get the Attainment App?
The app is available for free from the iTunes app store for iPad, Amazon app store for Kindle Fire HD, and Google Play for Android tablets such as Samsung, Nook, and Dell.

Do I need an internet connection to open a catalog with the Attainment App?
For catalog viewing on the Attainment App without an internet connection, the app lets you download a catalog into tablet memory by tapping the "download" button for the catalog. For the download to happen, you'll need to be connected to the internet. After downloading, the catalog may be opened without the internet connection. Note that videos may be viewed offline, but links to our website will not work without an internet connection.

Can I make purchases from a catalog page opened in the Attainment App?
Yes. Products shown in the catalog are linked to corresponding product pages on the Attainment Company website. You can go back and forth between eCatalog pages and the web site. When done adding items to your cart, tap the checkout icon at the bottom of the page (a shopping cart with a right arrow). Your shopping cart will open and you can complete your purchase.

My tablet uses the Android operating system but I could not get the Attainment App to load from the Google Store.
The Attainment App requires that your tablet use Android version 4 OS or newer. You can, however, view the eCatalog on your tablet’s web browser with this link:

I tried loading the Attainment App onto my Kindle Fire from the Amazon app store, but it does not work.
The Attainment App can be used on the Kindle Fire HD, but not the first-generation Kindle Fire.
You can, however, view the eCatalog on your tablet’s web browser with this link: