Explore Math and Explore Math 2
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Explore Math

Real life Math

Explore Math is more than a full-year curriculum for high school students participating in alternate assessments based on alternate achievement standards. The curriculum includes two sequential Student Books with corresponding Teacher Manuals. Both Student Books focus on functional math concepts like spending money, telling time, keeping a calendar, following maps, reading graphs, and understanding paychecks. Engaging photos illustrate real life situations and give students visual cues to solve math problems. Teacher Manuals are organized as lessons, each with an objective, material list, and step-by step procedure. They also include the Student Book as a PDF.

ProductItem No.PriceQty.
Explore Math Introductory KitEM-12W
Explore Math Classroom KitEM-22W
Explore Math Student Book 1EM-01W
Explore Math Student Book 2EM-201W
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  • Two progressive student books
  • Corresponding Teacher Manuals
  • PDFs for printouts
  • Photo illustrated worksheets
  • Life skill themes
  • Problems challenge but don’t overwhelm
  • Alignment to state and national standards, including the common core

Explore Math has six chapters: Math Vocabulary, Using Numbers 0–12, Using Numbers 0–18, Using Numbers 0–100, Using Numbers 0–1000, and Fractions.

Explore Math 2 has four chapters: Home, Work, Community, and Leisure Math. It expands the concepts presented in book one and links them to a character’s everyday life. For example, Dionn works at a sports equipment company and needs to find the phone numbers of coworkers, determine map distances, schedule a business trip, and calculate business expenses.

The Introductory Kit includes both Student Books, corresponding Teacher Manuals, and two Win/Mac CDs with Classroom License for printouts. The Classroom Kit includes eight of both Student Books plus all the other items in the Introductory Kit. Student books available separately.

Explore Math is also part of our Core Curriculum Solution: Secondary.