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Explore Social Skills 2

Emotions, facial expressions and behaviors

Understanding how other people feel is difficult for many students, especially those with autism. Author Pat Crissey tackles this issue head on by linking emotions with facial expressions, and teaching their recognition step by step. Includes a photo illustrated Student Book and an easy-to-implement Instructor’s Guide, and PDF disk for printing out student materials and assessmentsThe program is age neutral.

ISBN: 1-944315-381

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Explore Social Skills 2 Introductory KitESS-210W
Explore Social Skills 2 Classroom KitESS-220W
Explore Social Skills 2 Student BookESS-201W


The Student Book has five progressive chapters: Understanding Emotions, Basic Facial Expressions, Variations and Intensity of Emotions, Other Facial Expressions, and Putting It All Together. Students are presented with social situations to explore emotional states: Are they happy or sarcastic? How angry would you feel? Activities are heavily illustrated and written at a 3rd grade reading level.

The Instructors’ Guide provides clear lesson plans, easy-to-administer assessments, and additional activities that expand Student Book content. All student materials and assessment are included in the PDFs on disc. 

The Introductory Kit includes a Student Book and an Instructor’s Guide with a PDF on disc and a Classroom License for printouts. The Classroom Kit includes eight Student Books plus Instructor’s Guide with disc. Extra Student Books sold separately.

Both books by Pat Crissey, spiral-bound ©2016. Student book 112 pages, Instructor guide 116 pages. 

About the Author
Pat Crissey has worked in the field of special education for over twenty years, as a special education teacher and autism consultant. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in special and elementary education from Illinois State University and completed graduate work in special education from Western Oregon University.

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