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Exploring Science Series

Three full-color books form a curriculum for students in grades 5-12 who read at a second grade level or below

These science readers are linked to the general curriculum and align with state and national standards. They cover the areas of earth, life and physical science and are adapted for student access with Boardmaker® symbols and simplified language.

ISBN: 1-57861-610-7

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Exploring Science Series Introductory KitES-S05W
Exploring Science Series Classroom KitES-S10W
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The symbols help nonreaders follow lessons as they are read, help emergent readers link meaning to text and help fluent readers understand specific vocabulary.

Use one book for multiple students, for one-on-one or small group instruction. You can print out as many pages as you need from the PDF. Books include quizzes embedded throughout each lesson in several formats. Quizzes can also be given by having students point to answers. Allows for student inclusion and access to the general curriculum.

Introductory Kit includes one of each of the three covered spiralbound textbooks:  Exploring Physical Science, Exploring Earth Science, and Exploring Life Science, and one Instructor's Guide, and a Win/Mac CD containing PDFs of all three books.

Classroom Kit includes eight of each of the three textbooks, one Instructor's Guide and a Win/Mac CD containing PDFs of all three text books.

Books authored by Laura Breault. Exploring Physical Science, 116 pages; Exploring Earth Science, 200 pages; Exploring Life Science, 100 pages; all 2007-2010, covered spiralbound books. Instructor's Guide, 28 pages, 2007-2010.

Also available as a part of Science and Health Series.