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First Categories Software

Teaches categorization skills

First Categories uses 60 common nouns in six categories to teach categorization skills. Innovative activities, 120 illustrations and 120 photographs, and exciting 3-D animation make this program fun and effective. Choose full-screen scenes and 3-D blocks for learners who are motivated by visual stimulation, or a simple black background for those who are easily distracted. Grades pre-K and up.

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First Categories SoftwareLR-FC07W


Supplemental Activities:

  • Build-a-Category introduces each item in a category until all 10 items appear together.
  • Single Item Review presents one item and gives its name and category.
  • Robot Review presents and names four items from single category.
  • Find Four displays 10 items and student finds four that belong to same category.
  • Magnet Match asks students to match item to one of four items.
  • Pick-a-Pair presents five pairs of items and student finds pair from same category.

Software requirements: Windows XP or higher, Mac OSX 10.6 or higher, CD drive required for installation.