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Early vocabulary

First Words and Verbs are research-based software programs that provide highly structured teaching of nouns and verbs in developmental order. Using Laureate’s Optimized Intervention® technology, the programs begin by identifying five words the student doesn’t know. The student then chooses between two pictures to identify the first word. As responses are monitored for each word, the teaching is automatically adjusted to one of five levels. Engaging animated characters reinforce correct answers and introduce expanded language. At the end of each lesson, a summary of the student’s performance can be reviewed. Grades pre-K and up.

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First Words and Verbs SoftwareLR-FW07W



  • Builds core vocabulary of 100 nouns and 50 verbs
  • Offers highly-structured, individualized teaching
  • Includes 200 photos, 200 illustrations, and 150 verb animations
  • Engages students with encouraging voice, colorful images, and animated reinforcements
  • Offers three supplemental activities for adapting program and providing enriched language exposure

Software requirements: Windows XP or higher, Mac OSX 10.6 or higher, CD drive required for installation.