Following Directions Software
Following Directions Software - Left and Right screen sampleFollowing Directions Software - One and Two Level Commands screen sample

Following Directions® Software

Helps students listen and follow directions

Following Directions® helps students listen more effectively, follow instructions, and participate more fully in an inclusionary classroom. The program features engaging 3-D objects, characters, and animated reinforcements. Following Directions® uses Laureate’s Optimized Intervention® technology to tailor instructional delivery to each student’s unique needs. Optimized Intervention® begins with an assessment to determine where to start and then automatically guides the student through the entire curriculum. The program continually monitors responses to provide highly individualized intervention. When the student masters a module, the program automatically moves to the next module. Extensive data collection and built-in reports allow you to quickly assess progress and ensure accountability. 

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Following Directions® SoftwareLR-FD07W


Following Directions: Left and Right includes ten modules to improve the student’s ability to follow
directions and develop left/right discrimination skills. The student begins by identifying right and left
hands on the screen and moves through a series of increasingly complex tasks involving  directionality and mirrored images.

Following Directions: One and Two Level Commands offers eight modules designed to exercise the skills necessary for following directions that include spatial, directional, and ordinal terms. The program provides a range of activities in which students must comprehend and retain directions of
increasing length and complexity and take specific actions in response to the directions given.