Teacher using Gotalk

GoTalks are powerful, durable, and easy-to-use communication tools that give a voice to people who cannot communicate independently. Since the release of the initial GoTalk, the Pocket GoTalk in 1993, the entire GoTalk line has continued to expand and has reached over 50 countries all over the world.

All of the GoTalks have a similar design though they GoTalk’s styles vary by the message capacity as well as the size of the message keys. While the GoTalk 4+ provides four messages plus an additional two core messages for basic communication, the higher devices like the GoTalk 32+ meet more complex communication needs with 32 message keys plus three core vocabulary keys. All of the GoTalks, however, share similar operating procedures.

To get started, a helper (a teacher, parent or SLP) sets up the GoTalk by recording a message on each of the message keys. First, simply press the record button, then select the message key where you’d like to record, and talk (to record your message). When your message is complete, press any button to stop recording (it automatically stops recording after 10 seconds). Each time you press that button, the GoTalk plays that message (until it’s erased or rerecorded). The helper then creates a communication overlay to match the number and location of the message keys on the device.

Communication overlays slide between message locations and keyguards, usually with a combination of pictures and words. These pictures, images, symbols, and/or words help the communicator understand the message’s intent. The GoTalk Overlay Software (only $30 when purchased with aGoTalk) is a fast and easy way to make overlays designed specifically to go with each of the devices from our GoTalk product line.

In addition to the GoTalk line, Attainment Company now offers a fully functional scanning device, the GoTalk Express 32, that is an ideal bridge between GoTalk stand for GoTalk 9+, GoTalk 4+, and GoTalk20+ a low-tech and a dynamic display communication tool. Several exciting features have been added, such as LEDs for visual prompts, an option to add a 1½ second auditory cue to any message, and the remarkable ability to seamlessly play messages in sequence. The GoTalk Express 32 automatically comes with a free AC adapter and shoulder strap for easy transport.

GoTalk NOW iPad app

As technology continues to change, so do the GoTalks!

With the introduction of the iPad, Attainment perfected the details and released a full-featured, customizable AAC app, the GoTalk NOW. The GoTalk NOW App combines the simplicity of the GoTalks with the dynamic capabilities of the iPad. It has all the essentials of an effective AAC app, GoTalk NOW iPad app adjustable page layouts, customizable navigation, recorded and text-to-speech capabilities, and an included symbol set. Yet, it offers unique and compelling features such as three styles of communication pages, an integrated internet search, and the ability to play music and video directly from the app! The number of communication pages are unlimited, so the app allows countless opportunities for communication. Download the GoTalk NOW FREE from the App Store to determine if the GoTalk NOW meets all of your communication needs.

GoTalk 9+ with overlay inserted
GoTalk Features
  • Extremely durable
  • Two year warranty
  • Multiple recording levels
  • Superior sound quality
  • Record and level lock
  • Low power consumption
    (AA batteries included)
  • Core Vocabulary remains constant when you change levels
  • Built-in handle
  • Built-in keyguard
  • Built-in overlay storage
  • Fast and easy recording