Hodson Set
Book coverThe Hodson Computerized Analysis of Phonological Patterns—HCAPPHodson Assessment of Phonological Patterns – HAPP-3

Hodson Set

Get started implementing Dr. Barbara Hodson's Cycles Approach!
Update your understanding of assessment, phonology, and the Cycles Approach to speech sound intervention with these 3 great programs!

ProductItem No.Price
Evaluating Children's Phonological SystemsPHO-01W$49.00
HCAPP - Hodson Computerized AnalysisPHO-07W$130.00
Hodson Assessment of Phonological Patterns-HAPP-3PRO-H10W$227.00

You Pay: $384.00
You Save: $22.00
Item No: PHO-10


Learn about severe phonological disorders

Update your knowledge of Phonology and the Cycles Approach to treat speech sound disorders.

Looking for a quick way to analyze the HAPP-3?

The Hodson Computerized Analysis of Phonological Patterns—HCAPP (4th Edition) is your answer.

Test children's speech patterns

A valid, reliable, standardized test that is norm and criterion-referenced.