New in 2016: Attainment's Partnership with Stages Developmental Framework

Product profiles are our way of highlighting some hidden gems from our catalog that you may have missed. Let us know in the comments if there’s a product you use that you think we should highlight here!

New research partnerships bring new products at Attainment, which we can’t wait to share with you! We will highlight several of them here in the coming weeks, and you can also find them in our just-released 2016 catalog. Click here to view the catalog electronically or to request your own copy.

First, we’re proud to bring you Stages Math Software! This product, also available as an iPad app (coming soon), is the result of a new partnership with Madalaine Pugliese, Ed. S, and the Stages Developmental Framework. 

“The Stages© framework takes a research-based approach to defining developmentally appropriate observable learner characteristics for each Stage and recommends features to consider in selecting apps or computer software for learning, along with teaching strategies that match and scaffold student need.”  Apps4Stages Wiki

Stages Math is a unique curriculum for both assessment and instruction. After you tailor the settings to the individual student, the built-in program “smartness” guides students’ advancement in tiny increments, improving number sense and building a meaningful portfolio.

Additional Stages products will be available soon, including the all-new book bundled with apps and Stages Apps with Report Wizard for assessment.

You can read more about the Stages Framework in the Dec/Jan issue of Closing the Gap (login required), featuring an article by Betsy Caporale, M.S., CCC-SLP-L: “The iPad As An Assessment Tool for Students with Complex Communication Needs.”

Have you used the Stages Framework as a tool for assessment? Please feel share your feedback in the comments, so that other educators can benefit from your experience!

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Lauren Puckette said...

I am so glad to see technology begging incorporated into your curriculums, as I have used several of your curriculums over the past several years. Do you think this is a direction you will be going in for all of your curriculums?

September 11th, 2016 am30 7:06 am

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