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Level 1 - A story-related object (a red hat) helps Christian "read" a book.

Pathways to Literacy

A stepping stone to the ELSB Curriculum

Pathways to Literacy is a research-based curriculum for students with significant developmental disabilities who do not consistently use words, pictures, or other symbols to communicate. This curriculum addresses the needs of students with multiple disabilities, including those who are nonverbal. It provides strategies to increase awareness and engagement in story reading while systematically building comprehension.

  • Research based
  • Materials for 5 levels
  • 3 adapted storybooks included
  • Scripted lessons
  • Aligned to standards


ISBN: 1-57861-741-3

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Pathways consists of five levels that use prepared scripts to teach story-based lessons. Beginning levels rely heavily on object use throughout the story to make learning more concrete. Objects are then paired with pictures and gradually faded. Students must meet mastery criteria to move through the levels. A student who is successful at Level Five can participate in typical story-based lessons, like those in the Building with Stories Curriculum.

Pathways content aligns to state and national standards, including the common core.

Pathways to Literacy includes:

  • Three Teacher’s Guides: EarthDance Teacher's Guide, Jamaica's Find Teacher's Guide, and Tar Beach Teacher's Guide
  • An Implementation Guide
  • Three storybooks (EarthDance, Jamaica’s Find, and Tar Beach) adapted to a spiralbound format with laminated pages, raised titles, large page numbers, and repeated storylines
  • Hands-on materials including a collection of story-connected objects, materials for tactile adaptations, plus photo and picture vocabulary cards, and materials to adapt cards for readers with low vision.
  • A Big Button to encourage students to communicate during lessons.

By Angel Lee, MEd, Pamela Mims, PhD, and Diane Browder, PhD.

Pathways to Literacy is part of our Core Curriculum Solution: Elementary.