PixWriter sample screen
PixWriter sample screenPixWriter sample screen


Picture-assisted writing tool

PixWriter is designed for students of any age who struggle with writing. PixWriter is easy to learn and quick to set up. You create on-screen picture/word banks by typing in text and students click on the picture/word pairs to write.


ProductItem No.PriceQty.
PixWriter – MacSL-XM07W
PixWriter – Five Mac CDsSL-XM57W
PixWriter – WindowsSL-XW07W
PixWriter – Five Windows CDsSL-XW57W


Multiple features let you provide the level of support each student needs to become a successful writer. Includes 9000 illustrations and text-to-speech support. Single and two-switch step scanning are included.

By Slater Software. Available for Mac OS X and Windows (2000 and XP, NOT Vista).

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