Pre-Voc Three
Bagging and HeatsealingClip and Ring AssemblyConnector Assembly TaskFaucet AssemblyFlashlight AssemblyOffice Supply ProcessingPVC Connector Assembly and PackagingSprinkler AssemblyTwenty-Four Item SortWeighing and Bagging

Pre-Voc Three

The most advanced of the three Pre-Voc sets

Ten sophisticated work tasks use recognizable materials to teach multi-step activities. Specific skills are practiced and important work skills and habits are developed and reinforced. Many tasks require the use of multiple parts over extended work periods.

  • Multi-step processes
  • Extended work periods
  • Complex concepts

Even though complete tasks are complex, each is broken down into small steps to accommodate users with various abilities.

ProductItem No.Price
Bagging and Heatsealing308B-W$219.00
Clip and Ring Assembly210A-W$129.00
Connector Assembly207-W$119.00
Faucet Assembly211-W$165.00
Flashlight Assembly209-W$195.00
Office Supply Processing309-W$299.00
PVC Connector Packaging and Assembly306A-W$199.00
Sprinkler Assembly210-W$155.00
Twenty-Four Item Sort110-W$219.00
Weighing and Bagging307-W$249.00

You Pay: $1,795.00
You Save: $153.00
Item No: PV-30W


Introduces use of industrial equipment—a heatsealer. A safety feature on the heatsealer allows heating and sealing of plastic bags, but prevents burning of fingers! Procedure involves counting, bagging, sealing and packing.

A mid-level pattern packaging task requiring pattern matching, inserting and snapping skills

Slide metal and plastic rings on spring loaded carabiner clips, matching the ring color to the sample and placing each clip in the storage bin when completed.

A moderately complex, multiple turning motion task

A five-piece, fine-motor and tool-use task that requires inserting, turning and using a screwdriver.

Each industrial cable connector includes a base piece, large nut, plate and two screws. This complex assembly introduces the use of a hand tool and a screwdriver to assist in the assembly process.

Our most difficult assembly task

This task requires assembly of industrial PVC faucets in exact sequence using a screwdriver. Each faucet consists of nine pieces of varying size.


This task involves very fine motor control and self-checking quality control

This is a complex seven piece assembly requiring inserting, sequencing and turning. Assemble the flashlight and see if it works! Correctly assembled, the light goes on. 

A complex pattern and number matching task

Package office supplies in divider boxes following directions (words or symbols) on order cards. A complex packaging task involving multiple parts and patterns over an extended work period.

A unique task with a Packaging function, and a separate Assembly process

Remove 5 pieces from a divider box and assemble into a PVC Connector. Disassemble the PVC Connector into five pieces and packaging in 5-compartment divider boxes.

Practice a 5-part assembly involving turning and inserting stills using the correct sequence and placement. Or disassemble the five parts and package with each part going into its own compartment in a 5-compartment divider box. The Connectors are made of heavy-duty PVC, metal and plastic pieces.

A complex task requiring sophisticated manipulations

A complex task requiring sophisticated turning and sequencing manipulations to assemble this durable seven piece item.

This is a 24-item sort of anodized aluminum pieces, requiring multiple and subtle discriminations

A two- to 24-item sort of anodized aluminum pieces. A difficult task requiring attention to three relevant dimensions: color (silver and gold), shape (circle, square, rectangle and hexagon) and thickness (thin, medium and thick). Many variations are possible: sort by shape only, shape and color, color only, color and thickness and many more. 

Develops skills with the use of a dial-face spring scale

A weighing task using a dial-face scale and involves bagging and zipping. User weighs plates to within the required 3-5 oz., then bags, zips and stores the bagged plates.