Pre-Voc Two
Container Packaging TaskCoupling AssemblyDice PackagingFour-Compartment PackagingHose Nozzle AssemblyKiey Ring AssemblyPencil PackagingRubber Parts SortSix Item SortSnap Box Packaging

Pre-Voc Two

A little more advanced than Pre-Voc One

Ten intermediate work activities teach specific work skills and important work habits and behaviors.

  • Attend to task
  • Keep working over time
  • Ask questions when necessary
  • Don't bother other workers

Each task is broken down into small steps for users with various abilities! The ten tasks use recognizable materials for meaningful work.

ProductItem No.Price
Container Packaging305-W$129.00
Coupling Assembly205-W$119.00
Dice Packaging305A-W$99.00
Four Compartment Packaging303-W$159.00
Hose Nozzle Assembly206-W$99.00
Key Ring Assembly205A-W$99.00
Pencil Packaging303A-W$99.00
Rubber Parts Sort109-W$139.00
Six Item Sort108-W$119.00
Snap Box Packaging304-W$129.00

You Pay: $1,095.00
You Save: $95.00
Item No: PV-20W


A five-item assembly and packaging task

Begins with a five-piece assembly using inserting and snapping followed by packaging.

Requires five-piece assembly of containers prior to packaging. Users learn inserting, snapping and packaging. The procedure starts with dropping an insert piece into the small container, snapping the cap on the container, inserting the small container into the large container, snapping the cap on the large container and then packaging the completed unit in a plastic box.

This is a basic, three-piece turning task

This moderate skill level turning task uses an industrial compression coupling. In the procedure, a metal nut is attached by hand to one end of the base, then another nut is attached to the other end of the base. No tools are used.

A mid-range pattern packaging task

Users learn inserting, snapping and pattern matching skills as they package dice into plastic snap boxes according to directions.

A moderately complex pattern packaging task using two patterns

Each four compartment box is packaged with material following Pattern A or Pattern B. Requires identifying which pattern to follow, and following the pattern correctly. A mid-range pattern packaging task.

This task uses multiple turning motions in the assembly of a three-piece unit

This moderately complex task involves simultaneous turning and assembly of a durable, familiar product. 

This is a mid-level, two part, press and push assembly

The standard task requires holding the base piece and pulling back the collar to open it, while taking the pin piece and inserting it. Attachment of the rings can be added to increase the complexity of the task.

This is a moderately complex packaging task requiring inserting skills

An assembly, inserting and packaging task.  The user will assemble a set of three pencils with the erasers, assemble a tube and insert the pencil into the tube.

This is a 12-item sort requiring subtle discrimination

User can do a 12 items sort, attending to the subtle individual differences between all the parts. Or, the concept of "category" can be introduced when the four types of bushings, grommets are sorted into three categories.

Uses multiple relevant cues to sort the items

This mid-range sorting task introduces inspection and quality control of several relevant cues including surface condition (e.g. hole/no hole). Includes metal plates of two types—aluminum and brass, in two shapes—square and hexagon, with the aluminum pieces with and without holes.  

This task uses the number concept in packaging

A mid-range packaging task using counting skills. Use its unique counting jig for simple number matching. User checks the number on the bottom of each snap box (1-5), inserts a matching number of plastic pieces, then snaps the box closed and stores it in the bin. If needed, use the unique counting jig for simple number matching.