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Social Success SoftwareSocial Success SoftwareSocial Success SoftwareSocial Success Software

Social Success Software

Social skills tutorial for adolescents and adults

Social Success Software is an interactive social skill tutorial for adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities, including autism. It covers 50 social skills in an easy-to-navigate interface, so students can work independently or in self-directed groups.

ISBN: 1-57861-864-9

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Social Success Software - 1 PackSSC-07W
Social Success Software - 5 PackSSC-57W
Social Success Software - 20 PackSSC-207W


Each of the 50 skills has five activities: Intro, Self-Talk, Steps, Movie, and Problem Solving.

The first four blend narrated text with role-playing video, while Problem Solving presents multiple-choice comprehension questions. The user management system allows unlimited logins, so you can personalize content and settings  for as many students as you like.

Software is compatible with Windows XP (SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8 and Macs with Intel processor OS 10.6 through 10.9. Performance is maximized on all Whiteboards, touch screens, and widescreen monitors. Scanning is automatic (one switch) and step (two switches).

Also available as Social Success iPad App.

Also available in Explore Social Skills.

Also available in the Success Series Bundles.

Social Skills

On the Way to School
  1.     Getting Ready for School
  2.    Walking to School
  3.    Riding the Bus
  4.    Riding in a Car

  5.    Walking into School
  6.    Organizing for Class
  7.    Walking in the Hallway
  8.    Standing in Line
  9.    Checking Out of School

10.    Walking into Class
11.    Working in a Large Group
12.    Working in a Small Group
13.    Working in the Computer Lab
14.    Working in a Science Lab

Outside the Classroom
15.    Eating in the Cafeteria
16.    Emergency Drills
17.    Pep Rally
18.    Sports Events

Peer Relationships
19.    Greeting Friends
20.    Starting a Conversation
21.    Compromising
22.    Showing Empathy
23.    Responding to Teasing
24.    Dealing with Bullies
25.    Dealing with Conflict
26.    Resisting Peer Pressure
27.    Resisting Pressure to Have Sex
28.    Saying No

Team Sports
29.    Being a Good Sport
30.    Listening to My Coach
31.    Following the Rules of the Game

Important Skills
32.    Greeting Teachers
33.    Asking for Help
34.    Making an Apology
35.    Accepting Criticism
36.    Saying Please and Thank You
37.    Following Directions
38.    Accepting Others
39.    Accepting Compliments

Public Places
40.    Eating in a Restaurant
41.    Eating in a Fast Food Restaurant
42.    Laundromat

Tech Devices
43.    Using Cell Phones
44.    Text Messages
45.    Cell Phone Photos
46.    Internet Etiquette

Vocational Skills
47.    Getting Ready for Work
48.    Talking to My Supervisor
49.    Paying Attention to My Work
50.    Safety Rules at Work