Stages Math iPad App
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Stages Math iPad App

Practice nine key areas of number sense

Number sense is foundational to mathematics. Stages math is a number sense app curriculum for assessment and instruction. Activities improve students' number sense and correlate with math standards for typically developing students in pre-K to 3rd grade.

Research surrounding differentiated instruction and universal design for learning has guided the development of this software. Instruction and assessment activities are provided in nine key mathematical skill areas. Each skill area has learning scaffolds with customizable settings. For example, you can select activities like counting money, academic goals like the coins and bills presented, and student access method like mouse or switch use.

Students begin within the parameters you set. Then, built-in program “smartness” guides students’ advancement in tiny increments.

Data are gathered during instructional practice and assessments. Detailed information such as questions asked, student responses, and time spent are reported. The program accumulates student performance over time, which helps you build meaningful student portfolios.

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Also available as computer software

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  • Increase difficulty in small increments automatically
  • Select support features like clues and prompts
  • Use the pretest, instruction, and posttest teaching sequence
  • View and print student reports
  • Choose age appropriate student feedback
  • Accommodate switch users


Nine Skill Areas

  • Words for Numbers:  Connect small to large numerals with written and spoken names
  • Count:  Count objects up to 100, make number sets, use place value up to 999
  • Compare:  Choose between more or less, recognize math comparison symbols
  • Sequence:  Skip count, identify ordinals, put numbers in order
  • Math Facts:  Add, subtract, multiply, and divide at many levels; solve word problems
  • Money:  Count money, choose coins and bills to match a written amount
  • Number Line:  Locate numbers, estimate large and small numbers, use fraction and decimal equivalents
  • Fractions:  Fill in sections of shapes, from halves to 12ths
  • Time:  Identify time on the hour, quarter hour, and minute