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Combining tactile symbols with voice output focuses on both communciation and literacy skills

Creating a communication system for students with complex needs, especially those who are visually impaired with multiple disabilities, is tough. Plus adapted curriculum materials for this population are hard to find, and they’re difficult and time consuming to make.

TactileTalk Toolkit can help. It focuses on both communication and literacy skills by combining tactile symbols with voice output. Here’s how it works. Tangible symbols represent objects, activities, places, people and concepts, like a spoon for eating and bells for music. Several objects are organized on a transparent sheet with borders and other symbols made with a special tactile paint. These sheets function as overlays for an iPad screen, corresponding to preprogrammed pages in the GoTalk NOW App using the TactileTalk Communication Book. Students feel the object for reference and tap the screen for corresponding voice output. For example, tap by the bells to play “I’d like to listen to music”. An accompanying TactileTalk Guidebook helps you integrate tangible symbols into the school day, and provides examples for use with students of varying disabilities.

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Tactile Talk

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Here's what you get: TactileTalk Toolkit Includes GoTalk NOW Plus app, TactileTalk in-app Communication Book, 30 pre-made TactileTalk Overlays, and TactileTalk Guidebook.

Also available with GoTalk Dynamic, which includes an iPad Air, GoTalk NOW app, and GoNow Rugged Case Package.

Already have GoTalk NOW? No problem. Buy the TactileTalk Communication Book as an in-app purchase, and just give us a call to purchase the Overlays and Guidebook separately.

By Dr. Betsy Flener, Vision Specialist, in collaboration with Joni Nygard, AAC expert.