Access English Language Arts Grades 3-5

A research-based curriculum for elementary students to access English Language Arts concepts

Product Features:
  • Aligns with state and alternate standards
  • Covers ELA foundational skills, reading, literature, informational text, speaking, listening, language, and writing 
  • Provides scripted lessons with prompting and error correction
  • Addresses students using a variety of response modes with an image library and other resources
  • Includes extension activities for generalizing skills to other academic or life experiences
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Access English Language Arts Grades 3–5 is a research-based curriculum for elementary students who have moderate-to-severe developmental disabilities, including those with an intellectual disability and autism. Access English Language Arts Grades 3–5 gives elementary students access to English Language Arts (ELA) concepts their peers are learning.

In this engaging and literacy-rich curriculum, four units of study address two major themes: “Reading Is Fun!” and “Be a Friend, Not
a Bully.” Stories are the basis for many of the lessons. Your students will enjoy popular and age-appropriate adapted texts for fictional novels (Superfudge and How to Eat Fried Worms), nonfiction text (e.g., biographies), informational text, and poems. By using literature to teach themes, students gain vocabulary and conceptual understanding to comprehend and describe their own life experiences—an important goal for all students, including those with moderate-to-severe disabilities.

The lessons, which follow systematic instruction, are completely ready for you to begin teaching. Specific instructions are provided to help you accommodate a wide range of unique needs including students who are nonverbal, have visual or motor impairments, are early symbol users and learning to use objects or photos of objects to gain meaning, or are beginning readers.

Includes: 2 Teacher’s Guides, a Student Response Book, 4 sets of 2 Student Readers, a My Writing Journal, and 2 sets of 10 consumable My Writing Journal Student Workbooks, five graphic organizers, 186 cards (and container), manipulatives (worms and money pack), one pocket chart, one copy of SuperFudge and How to Eat Fried Worms, and PDFs on flash drive with a classroom license for printouts 


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Additional Info

Subject English Language Arts
Age Group Elementary
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