TimeSlips Creativity Journal

An engaging storytelling activity for facilitating relationship building with people with memory loss

Product Features:

  • Includes 10 inspiring images with matching postcards, sample open-ended questions, and blank pages for recording stories
  • Postcards may be sent to loved ones to share favorite lines
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When memory loss separates individuals from their loved ones, TimeSlips invites them to shift … from memory to imagination! TimeSlips is an international leader in providing tools for meaningful engagement in long term care settings. This new Creativity Journal was designed for one-on-one use with people with memory loss. The journal provides instructions on how to build relationships by engaging in the art of storytelling.

Included are: 10 inspirational images, sample open-ended questions, and blank pages to record stories. Ten matching post cards offer the opportunity to share favorite lines with friends or family.

Covered spiralbound book, 64 pgs., with perforated postcards, by Anne Davis Basting, 2015

TimeSlips helps people with dementia:

  • Engage in conversation and storytelling
  • Replaces the pressure to remember with the freedom to imagine
  • Enables a positive and creative one-to-one relationship with people with memory loss


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