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Apps for Stages - Stage Five

Stage Five – Advanced Concepts and Communication

The majority of the learner’s academic growth occurs at Stage Five. She expands her skills from learning basic number sense to solving more complex problems. She grows from basic spelling skills to full and fluent literacy. This type of academic journey takes time. The development of full academic functioning begins now and continues through the rest of the person’s life. A Stage Five learner should be working on Stage Seven writing skills at the same time that she is working on complementary reading skills. She will be reading and writing simple sentences at first. As skills progress, she will be expected to incorporate vocabulary words and other content-related words, as various subjects of study become part of her curriculum.

A Stage Five Learner...

  • demonstrates sophisticated control of the access or input device
  • can articulate frustrations with the interaction process, when necessary
  • understands complex spoken sentences
  • recognizes target vocabulary words
  • can spell target words
  • understands the words she reads
  • applies basic number sense concepts
  • can perform simple mathematical operations
  • develops mathematical vocabulary
  • demonstrates problem-solving skills (planning and organization, drawing conclusions)
  • is able to analyze steps needed to accomplish a task
  • uses manipulative materials appropriately

Features to Consider

  • reflects local and national curriculum standards and traditional approaches to academic content
  • content areas such as reading, mathematics, science, social studies, and geography
  • choices in ways to interact with content and options for activities
  • options such as enlarged or spoken text, word banks, or other scaffolds
  • intuitive interface that facilitates learner independence

Recommended Apps for Stage Five

General Curriculum and UDL Expression Tools
A Leader Is Marblesoft
BrainPOP Feature Movie BrainPOP
Breath Music Ruud van der Wel
Educreations Interactive  Whiteboard Educreations
Explain Everything Explain Everything, Inc.
Funbrain Jr Funbrain
GoWorksheet Maker Attainment Company
Khan Academy Khan Academy
My Country (version 1.0) Marblesoft
Newsela Newsela
Splashtop Whiteboard Splashtop Inc.
What’s Cool About Music Attainment Company
Language Arts
Alphabet Order
Access Language Arts Attainment Company
Bluster! McGraw-Hill Education
Endless Reader Originator Inc
iWriteWords gdiplus
Kidspiration Inspiration Software
Kids Writing Pad Lite Pronunciation Apps
MiniMod Compound Words E. Skills Learning, LLC
My Words Autism Series by WebTeam Corporation
My Word Wall PunFlay
Puzzle Spelling Words for  Toddlers, Autism & Special Needs Touch Autism
Sentence Builder Mobile Education Store LLC
Sentence Key Chores: Who is  Doing What Computerade Products
Sentence Maker (Version 2.1) Innovative Investments Limited
Sentence Match Chores: Who is  Doing What Computerade Products
Sight Words App-Zoo
Sight Words by Little Speller  (Version 2.0) Innovative Investments Limited – Grasshopper Apps
Spell Tale Autism Series by WebTeam Corporation
Spell-A-Word RJ Cooper
Spelling Bug Power Math Apps
SpellBug By ProjectOneLA
SpellBoard PalaSoftware
SpellOut Hump Software
Story Builder Mobile Education Store
Word Wizard L’Escapadou
WordWorld: Build a Word WordWorld
ABA Sight Words
ABC Phonics Rhyming Words Lite - For Preschool, Kindergarten, First  Grade Abitalk Incorporated
Bob Books Bob Books Publications
ChooseIt! Literacy Inclusive Technology Ltd
ClaroSpeak Claro Software Limited
Claro PDF Claro Software Limited
Early Literacy Skills Builder Attainment Company
Early Reading Skills Builder Attainment Company
Epic eBook subscriptions Epic Creations Inc.
I Like Books Innovative Investments Limited – Grasshopper Apps
Inference Ace Janine Toole
iReading – The Goose That Laid  The Golden Egg Dam Chen
iTouchiLearn Staytoooned
LAZ Reading Library Reading A-Z
Milly, Molly and the Bike Ride Kiwa Digital
Mini Mystery Readers Attainment Company
Pre-K Letters and Numbers Pro for Teachers BrightStart
Promptoo Promptoo Ltd
Read2Go Benetech
Reading Comprehension Camp Smarty Ears
Reading Pal- Learn to Read Seventh Sense LLC
Read to Learn Attainment Company
Rhyming I Can Do Apps
Rhyme-N-Time-Rhyming Words With Jane and Blayne (Version 1.2) Levott LLC
Rhyming Words Innovative Investments Limited – Grasshopper Apps
Scan-A-Word RJ Cooper
Sound Out Chapter Books Attainment Company
Voice Dream Reader Voice Dream LLC
Voicepaper Umemoto Non
Add Me Autism Series by WebTeam Corporation
AppTutor Grade 1 Addition – G1A Mega Rock, LLC
Benkyou Math Grade 1 Quizcor Technology
Bluster! McGraw-Hill Education
Everyday Mathematics – Name  That Number McGraw-Hill Education
Hungry Math Fish: Kids Math Game Fast Hatch Apps
Jungle Fractions Andrew Short
Jungle Time Andrew Short
Math Bingo Games June Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.
MathBoard PalaSoftware
Math Drills Lite Instant Interactive
Math Monsters Aprenda
ModMath Division of Labor SF
Multiply Me Autism Series by WebTeam Corporation
Number Fun
OctoPlus Zyrobotics
OddNEven Autism Series by WebTeam Corporation
PhotoMath PhotoMath
Pizza Fractions: Beginning with Simple Fractions Brian West
PopMath PopSoft
Show Me Math Attainment Company
Splash Math Study Pad, Inc
Subtract Me Autism Series by WebTeam Corporation
The Math Keyboard Daniel Soffer
Todo Telling Time Enuma, Inc
Tom’s Times Tables Pro Computerade Products
TouchMath Adventures: Jungle  Addition MediaKube, LLC
TouchMath Adventures Pro MediaKube, LLC
Visual Fractions, Decimals &  Percentages iDevBooks
3D Cell Simulation and Stain Tool Invitrogen Corporation – Thermo Fisher Scientific
ChooseIt! Science Inclusive TLC
Crack the Books Pines to Vines Seashores to Sea Floors Blades Mobile Education Store
Frog Dissection Emantras
Fun Science Lab Zonkey Interactive
The Human Body TinyBop Inc
Recycle It! Marblesoft
Weather Channel The Weather Channel Interactive
Executive Functioning
Autism Timer Rogue 41
Bitsboard PRO Innovative Investments Limited – Grasshopper Apps
BrainPOP BrainPOP
Claro ScanPen Claro Software Limited
Corkulous Appigo
Evernote Evernote
First Then Good Karma Applications
Functional Planning System Conover Company
Idea Flip Nosleep Software
Inspiration Maps Inspiration Software
iReward Grembe Inc
Kidspiration Inspiration Software
MindMeister MeisterLabs
Notability Ginger Labs
Picture Scheduler Peter Jankuj
Plan it, Do it, Check it Off I Get It, LLC
Prizmo Creaceed
Quizlet Quizlet LLC
Remember the Milk Remember the Milk
ScatterBrain Stefano Tomasallo
Smart Charts Happy Face Kidz
StudyBlue StudyBlue Inc.
Time Timer Time Timer LLC

Mobile device apps come and go. Sometimes it seems that the instant we recommend an app, it disappears for some reason. If you find that a recommended app is no longer available, please understand that we leave it on our list because many have already downloaded the app and might still be wondering about appropriate use. Older mobile devices that function with stability use less-than-current operating systems and will likely remain stable using previously downloaded content.