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Apps for Stages - Stage Four

Stage Four – Early Concepts

Stage Four marks another significant turning point in the learner’s progress—the learner applies the language foundation to academic readiness. Until now, the content has focused on building a solid language foundation. The Stages© framework stresses that before a learner can be expected to enter an established academic program, she must have a stable foundation in language. In Stage Four the focus shifts toward more traditional milestones in both academic and social skills.

Although the language foundation of the first three Stages followed a sequential pattern of development, academic discovery does not. The skills developed in Stages Four through Seven are interconnected and may develop concurrently as the learner acquires complementary skills.

A Stage Four Learner...

  • recognizes colors, shapes, letters, and numbers
  • can control the input device for alpha/numeric input reliably and independently
  • understands vocabulary for emerging literacy and/or mathematical foundation
  • develops simple social interaction skills with peers, such as turn taking in conversations
  • understands social expectations in various situations and can express common courtesies
  • engages with peers in interactive, make-believe play situations
  • shares materials with peers in group activities

Features to Consider

  • traditional readiness content is the foundation for higher academics
  • more importance on the opportunity to explore concepts than on the correctness of responses
  • risk-free, supportive, encouraging learning environment
  • eliminate distracting targets as incorrect responses are made
  • rewarded for finding answers no matter how many tries
  • build self-esteem and confidence in academic environment
  • provide opportunities for social interactions
  • offers virtual play environment

Recommended Apps for Stage Four

General Learning
Animals in Pieces HD RT Studios
Agnitus Agnitus
Articulation Station Pro Little Bee Speech
Pre-K Letters and Numbers BrightStart LLC
Bugs and Bubbles Little Bit Studio, LLC
Colors Autism iHelp Series by John Talavera
Color Names & Shapes Playtime Agnitus
Conversation Builder Mobile Education Store
Days Sequence Autism Series by WebTeam Corporation
Dexteria BinaryLabs, Inc.
DotToDot numbers & letters lite Apps in My Pocket Ltd
Fish School Duck Duck Moose, Inc.
First Words Animals Learning Touch
GoWorksheet Maker Attainment Company
Month Sequence Autism Series by WebTeam Corporation
My Own Books 2 Go Creative Communicating
Pre-K Letters and Numbers Pro  for Teachers BrightStart LLC
PrepositionBuilder Mobile Education Store
Preposition Remix Smarty Ears
Opposites Autism iHelp Series by John Talavera
Quick Artic Virtual Speech Center, Inc.
Same and Different Autism iHelp Series by John Talavera
Skill Champ Infiniteach
SpeakColors Robert Harrison
Speech with Milo - Sequencing Poorani Doonan
Taking Care of My Device Social  Story TouchAutism
Tell Me About It Different Roads to Learning
Touch N Trace Autism Series by WebTeam Corporation
TouchAnimals Special iApps
TouchMe Pairs LIFEtool GmbH
ABC Magic 2 Preschool University
Abc PocketPhonics Apps in my Pocket Ltd.
Alpha Sequence Autism Series by WebTeam Corporation
Bright Start ABC 123 BrightStart LLC
Conversation Builder Mobile Education Store
First Words Animals Learning Touch
Kids Writing Pad Lite Kaku Mobile
ABC Alphabet by Little Sorter Innovative Investments Limited – Grasshopper Apps
Magic Penny 1 Magic Penny Reading, LLC
My Own Books 2 Go Creative Communicating
Phonics Awareness, 1st Grade  Bugbrained, LLC
Phonological Awareness Autism iHelp series by John Talavera
Phonics Made Easy School Zone Publishing
Preposition Builder Mobile Education Store
Special Words Special iApps
The Foot Book Oceanhouse Media
Touch and write Fizzbrain
Sentence Key: Who is Doing What Computerade Products
1 2 3 Order Autism Series by WebTeam Corporation
Shapes Autism iHelp Series by John Talavera
Autism DTT Shapes Dr. Gary Brown and Bob Bradley-Dr. Brown’s Apps
ABA Flash Cards - Shapes
Bert’s Bag Sesame Workshop
Bugs and Bubbles Little Bit Studio, LLC.
Caboose Express: Patterns  and Sorting for Preschool and  Kindergarten @Reks
Candy Count – Learn Colors and Numbers YuuZoo Corporation
ChooseIt! Numeracy Inclusive Technology Ltd
Color Names & Shapes Playtime Agnitus
Count TV Sesame Workshop
Fish School Duck Duck Moose, Inc.
Five Little Monkeys LoeschWare
Five Sharks Swimming Inclusion Technology Ltd
A Kindergarten Pattern  Recognition Game – for iPad Nth Fusion LLC
Line ‘em Up Classroom Focused Software
Monster Squeeze McGraw-Hill Education
Montessori Counting Board Innovative Iivestments Limited – Grasshopper Apps
Number Find Autism Series by WebTeam Corporation
Pre K Math HD By Mintmomeg
Preschool Numbers Game Innovative Iivestments Limited – Grasshopper Apps
Shapes Autism iHelp Series by John Talavera
Shapes WebTeam Corporation
Sorting Autism iHelp Series by John Talavera
SpeakColors HD Robert Harrison
Special Numbers Special iApps
TouchMath Adventures Pro MediaKube, LLC
Touch-Numbers Special iApps
Touch-Shapes Special iApps
Virtual Play and Social Skills
Adapted Play Book - Peanut  Butter Creative Communicating
Adapted Play Book- Hurry!  Hurry! Creative Communicating
iBehaveWell (Version 1.0) Derrick A Brown
Discovery Pictures Marblesoft & Doodle Art Alley
I Can Help Marblesoft
Conversation Builder Mobile Education Store
Koppy Kattz Marblesoft
MeMoves Thinking Moves
My PlayHome Play Home Software Limited
New Age Kurling Inclusive Technology Ltd
Peeping Musicians Inclusive Technology Ltd
Play Autism iHelp Series by John Talavera
Potty Training Social Story Touch Autism
Staying Safe and Safe Strangers Touch Autism
Toca Band Toca Boca
Toca Builders Toca Boca
Train Tracker Inclusive TLC
Whiteboard HD GreenGar Studios

Mobile device apps come and go. Sometimes it seems that the instant we recommend an app, it disappears for some reason. If you find that a recommended app is no longer available, please understand that we leave it on our list because many have already downloaded the app and might still be wondering about appropriate use. Older mobile devices that function with stability use less-than-current operating systems and will likely remain stable using previously downloaded content.