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Apps for Stages - Stage One

Stage One – Cause and Effect

In Stage One, the learner begins to use an appropriate input device to control the device and establishes a reliable access behavior. She realizes that pressing a switch or pressing on the touch interface for the device can make something happen on the screen. There is not yet a deliberate or purposeful target selected. This reliable access behavior is the first step in the learning process.

A Stage One Learner...

  • is just beginning to or is consistently focused visually on a target
  • is just beginning to or is consistently listening to a prompt
  • explores the access device with purposeful interaction
  • moves from multiple, random access attempts toward device mastery
  • consistently uses the control site muscle in response to prompts for behavior

Features to Consider

  • age appropriate graphics, sounds, multimedia effects
  • prompts: auditory, visual, multi-sensory
  • accessibility settings

Recommended Apps for Stage One

Baby Butterfly – my first colors Kids Place
Baby Laugh Soundboard ARE apps limited
Baby Rattle Toy SelenaSoft, Inc
Balloonimals IDEO
Bebot Normalware
Big Bang Patterns Inclusive Technology Ltd
Bongos - Dynamic Bongo Drums Skunk Brothers GmbH
Bubbles Hog Bay Software
Bubl Tap BUBL GmbH
Buzz Back—Cause and effect with vibrations and sound  TouchAutism
Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box Cognable
Children’s Switch and Touch Progressions RJ Cooper
Eye Contact Toy Box Fizzbrain, LLC
Finger Paint with Sounds  Inclusive Technology Ltd
Firetrucks Apps for Hunger, Inc.
Furry Friend Plutinosoft
Hand Drums Cody Rotwein
Heat Sense v 1.8 Graham Dennis
Hippi 1 Leripa AB
Peeping Musicians Inclusive Technology
RadSounds R J Cooper
Sensory-CineFX Sensory App House Ltd
Sensory-Electra Sensory App House Ltd
Sensory-FotoFrenz Sensory App House Ltd
Sensory-iMeba Sensory App House Ltd
Sensory-Just Touch Sensory App House Ltd
Sensory-Magma Sensory App House Ltd
Sensory-Room Sensory App House Ltd
Sensory-Speak Up Sensory App House Ltd
Sensory-Splodge 1 Sensory App House Ltd
Sights and Sounds: Flowers Marblesoft
Smart Tot Rattle - Cause and effect sensory stimulation Moxi Mobile
Smarty Pants Inclusive Technology Ltd
Sound Touch Lite Baby-Flashcards SoundTouch
Switch Kids  Marblesoft
Talking Teddy Bear  Talking Toys SL
Teenage Touch and Switch  Progressions RJ Cooper

Mobile device apps come and go. Sometimes it seems that the instant we recommend an app, it disappears for some reason. If you find that a recommended app is no longer available, please understand that we leave it on our list because many have already downloaded the app and might still be wondering about appropriate use. Older mobile devices that function with stability use less-than-current operating systems and will likely remain stable using previously downloaded content.