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Apps for Stages - Stage Six

Stage Six – Functional Learning

A Stage Six learner applies academic concepts to real-world situations. In this Stage, the learner is aware of and wants to be involved in the world around her. She begins to apply her knowledge to become more independent. The focus changes from academics to applied knowledge and functional learning skills, commonly referred to as activities of daily living (ADL). This is indeed a thrilling Stage for the learner. Academics and social skills come together in a pragmatic way for the learner at this time. The learner’s needs and goals will continue to dictate the focus and content of education. For example, some learners may not achieve the skills needed for reading for enjoyment. However, they may acquire the ability to read for safety, which is an important skill for community independence. In this way, Stage Six is an academic detour from Stage Five, still offering an educational content but in a more applied way.

A Stage Six Learner...

  • shows an interest in the community and personal independence
  • can apply mathematical concepts to real-world situations
  • can recognize common symbols, such as safety signs
  • knows how to dress appropriately
  • shows responsibility for tasks throughout the day

Features to Consider

  • applied real-world skills
  • practical and connect with an authentic experience
  • graphics present objects realistically, as in photographs or video, rather than in representational drawings
  • make the connection between the representation and the real-world object
  • incorporate video modeling
  • practice a skill in real-world context
  • see interactive real-life examples of desired behavior

Recommended Apps for Stage Six

Community Independence and Social Skills
Community Success Attainment Company
Learning to Get Along Attainment Company
Social Success Attainment Company
Between the Lines Advanced Hamaguchi Apps
Community Signs and Words The Conover Company
Conover Company Visual  Models series The Conover Company
Everyday Social Skills HD The Conover Company
Grocery IQ
iDress for Weather Pebro Productions
Life Skills Sampler The Conover Co.
Manners HD  The Conover Company
Model Me Going Places 2 Model Me Kids, LLC
QuickCues Fraser
Shopmate Doublewedge
Shopping List Target Works
Signs Web Team Corporation
Social Skill Builder Social Skill Builder
The Social Express The Social Express, Inc.
Toca Doctor Toca Boca
Toca Store Toca Boca
Functional Skills
Choiceworks - Visual Support  System Bee Visual, LLC
Chore Pad and Chore Pad HD Nannek LLC
First Then Visual Schedule Good Karma Apps
Grocery IQ
iDress for Weather Pebro Productions
Picture Scheduler Peter Jankuj
Primary Tablet Dwayne Short
QuickCues Fraser
Scene & Heard Therapy Box Ltd
Sentence Builder™ Mobile Education Store
Sentence Match Chores: WHO is  DOing WHAT Computerade Products
Sequencing Tasks: Life Skills –  Bundle #1 Judy Lynn Software, Inc
Shopmate Doublewedge
Shopping List Target Works
Video Scheduler Look2Learn
Grooming and Appearance
Community Success Attainment Company
Conover Company Visual Models  series The Conover Company
Hygiene (FSS) The Conover Company
iDress for Weather Pebro Productions
Job Skills
App Toy-Cash Register Sakar International, Inc.
Computers at Work Attainment Company
Choiceworks- Visual Support  System Bee Visual, LLC
Chore Pad and Chore Pad HD Nannek
Initiating Social Skills - Work The Conover Company
Manners HD  The Conover Company
QuickCues Fraser
Sorting Activities Judy Lynn Software, Inc.
Money and Time
App Toy-Cash Register Sakar International, Inc.
Stages Math Attainment Company
MatchTime Attainment Company
Coin Math Recession apps
Count Money – Coin Matching Innovative Investments Limited – Grasshopper Apps
Counting Money King’s Apps
Dollars & Cents Attainment Company
K12 Money K12 Inc
LookTel Money Reader IPPLEX
MakeChange- Money Counting  Math Game for the iPad Steven Romej
Money Words HD The Conover Company
Next Dollar Up Limited Cue LLC
Toca Store Toca Boca
Digital Time Web Team Corporation
Jungle Time Jungle Education
Telling Time – Photo Touch Game Innovative Investments Limited – Grasshopper Apps
Telling Time King’s App
Time Teacher Lite LearnWeaver Pty Ltd
TimeScales Attainment Company
Todo Telling Time Enuma, Inc
Bag Game All4mychild
BrainPOP BrainPOP
Cover Girl HD Libii
Fruit Ninja Halfbrick Studios
Newsela Newsela
Read2Go Benetech
Spot the Dot Ruckus
Toca Band Toca Boca
Toontastic Launchpad Toys
Voice Dream Mail Voice Dream LLC
Voice Dream Reader Voice Dream LLC

Mobile device apps come and go. Sometimes it seems that the instant we recommend an app, it disappears for some reason. If you find that a recommended app is no longer available, please understand that we leave it on our list because many have already downloaded the app and might still be wondering about appropriate use. Older mobile devices that function with stability use less-than-current operating systems and will likely remain stable using previously downloaded content.