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Autism Acceptance Month Celebration

April is Autism Acceptance Month and we're celebrating! The new Interactive Lesson Supports for many of our curricula are now available and we're providing free samples of this product for Early Numeracy! Our new Interactive Lesson Supports are ideal for this population because we provide recorded lessons, ready-made PowerPoints, digital Google Form worksheets, and GoWorksheets. By having a variety of formats available, it makes it easy for a student to review a lesson for a second time, maintain engagement, and benefit from digital worksheets that may have audio and visual cues or adaptations for fine-motor support. Every student has different needs, but with these resources, every student can be supported in the way that they learn best. Plus teachers feel supported with our premade lessons to reduce prep time! We offer flexible lessons to fit with your classroom and your students' needs.

For your free sample of our Early Numeracy Interactive Lesson Support, reach out to a Training and Accounts Manager for your state. If your state is not listed, feel free to email [email protected] to be connected with the best person to support you!