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Model-Lead-Test Direct Instruction Approach
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Using the evidence-based practice: Model-lead-test

As teachers, we often measure the success of our instructional lessons by the instructional gains our students make. Research shows that evidence-based teaching strategies are likely to have the largest impact on student results. This month, we are going to focus on the direct instruction approach called Model-Lead-Test.

It is critical that we make the most of our time with students and do all that we can to provide quality instruction using strategies and procedures that are known to work. Model-Lead-Test has solid research supporting its effectiveness. We know that you want to take your classroom instruction and student success to the next level, so why not give the Model-Lead-Test approach a try?

Chances are, you are already familiar with model-lead-test! The Model-Lead-Test Procedure, also known as My Turn-Together-Your Turn or I Do-We Do-You Do, is highly effective in promoting active student engagement and increasing student success and achievement.

  • Model involves the teacher modeling or demonstrating the targeted skill for the students.
  • Lead has the teacher and students perform the targeted skill together.
  • Test has the students perform the skill independently.

Check out this example of the My Turn-Your Turn-Together Procedure with story grammar in our new curriculum, Read and Tell.

In addition, the model-lead-test format can be effectively used to teach descriptors and concepts by utilizing an Example/Non-Example Procedure. When instructing with an Example/Non-Example Procedure, the student is required to demonstrate their understanding by identifying examples and non-examples of the concept.  To prepare for instruction using this procedure, you will need to gather multiple example and non-example items.

Here we provide you with an example lesson script from Early Science that demonstrates how to use the Model-Test-Lead Procedure; give it a try!

Seeing is believing; consider taking a moment to watch the video below highlighting these procedures with Attainment's Early Science Curriculum.

Remember, not only is using evidence-based practices a federal requirement, but student learning and growth is maximized when implemented consistently!

Using Evidence-Based Practices = Increased Student Growth and Positive Learning Outcomes