AT Profile

An assistive technology guide for tracking effectiveness of interventions

Product Features:

  • Covers a variety of AT tools including: communication, vision, seating, mobility, academics, and daily living activities
  • Provides organizational structure for tracking student data
  • Introductory package includes a CD with PDF printouts and customizable documents 
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The AT Profile organizes and tracks your use of AT tools for individual students across multiple locations and school years. It also helps determine the effectiveness of AT interventions, and provides information for IEP teams. Includes low-tech to high-tech equipment.

  • Incorporates new technologies like the iPad and apps
  • Tracks usage across multiple school years
  • Covers a broad spectrum of AT interventions: communication, vision, seating, mobility, academics, daily living activities, and more

Available as book only, and as a Introductory Package with book plus a Win/Mac CD with electronic documents in two formats: PDF for printouts and customizable Word documents for entering profile data on the computer.

By Darlene Brodbeck, MS, CAGS. AT Specialist. Softbound book, 35 pages, 2012.


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