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Product Features:

  • Provides video instruction, web-based resources, activities to practice concepts, quizzes for each topic and unit, and end-of-course assessment
  • Courses are self-paced and provide access to an expert panel
  • Incorporates evidence-based information and materials
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Attainment Academy: Going to Work AAG-10W $199.00
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Presenting two new transition courses created by Dr. Paul Wehman, Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. These self-paced courses offer video instruction, web-based resources, activities to practice concepts learned, and quizzes after each topic and unit. An end-of-course assessment is included to determine content mastery. Completion of each course provides 2 CEUs from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. The course will provide key concepts, resources, and examples of the best practices in transition and employment. You will receive evidence-based materials and information from years of research by Dr. Wehman in the field of transition and employment. For more information about registering for these courses and other future trainings on Attainment Academy, visit the website at 

Each user license includes:
● 2 CEUs (Continuing Education Units)
● 6 units, dozens of topics, practice exercises,
quizzes, and assessments
● Access to an expert panel on WIOA
● Bi-monthly webinars hosted by specialists in
the field (see below)


Available Courses:

From School to Adulthood: Transition Planning for Youth with Disabilities
A comprehensive overview of the transition planning process to
assist students to reach their vision for the future. Unit topics include:
● What is transition planning?
● Person-centered planning
● Self-determination
● Community resources
● Going to work and college
● Life skills
● Developing the transition IEP

Going to Work: Pathway to Employment for Youth with Disabilities
An overview of the pathways to employment for people with disabilities who
have historically been unemployed. Unit topics include:
● Key employment issues
● Employer connections
● Internships and apprenticeships
● Supported employment
● Customized employment
● Post-secondary education


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