Basic Size Sort

A hands-on, pre-vocational activity for sorting objects by length or color

Product Features:

  • Provides wooden dowels of various lengths and colors
  • Introduces reach-grasp-retrieval, appropriate placement of objects, and size discrimination
  • Included within the Pre-Voc One Kit 
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Basic Size Sort 103-W $69.00



A basic sort by length with obvious dowel size differences in the standard task. An easier color-coded variation is also provided. This task introduces basic size discrimination with or without color used for cue redundancy.

In the standard task 180 plain wooden dowels (45 each of four sizes) are sorted into separate bin compartments. In the cue-redundant variation (each of the four choices is unique in size AND color) 80 color-coded dowels are sorted. Includes all bins and instructions. Sorting tasks stress quality, and are not normed for speed.

Quality criteria: Accuracy.


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