"All students deserve a place in our school system": Interview with Megan Best

Introducing Megan Best, our new Training and Accounts Manager for California!

Megan comes to Attainment with ten years of experience in the field of special education. She has taken on a variety of special education positions during her time at Lucia Mar Unified School District (outside of San Luis Obispo, CA), starting as a Resource Teacher and moving into more administrative roles as an Autism Behavior Specialist and Program Specialist. We are so lucky to have her on our Account Management Team.  Megan has already done several trainings for us and received rave reviews!


What inspired you to work in this field?

My true passion lies in the field of special education. As a teacher and administrator, I operated under the core belief that all students can learn and that all students deserve a place in our school system, regardless of ability level. I feel that creating programs and environments that are inclusive and supportive for all students is crucial. I hope to inspire teachers to celebrate diverse learners, hold high expectations and include students to the fullest extent possible.


What do you enjoy about working with teachers and administrators?

I absolutely love working with teachers! I think teaching special education is such a challenging, yet extremely rewarding job. Most teachers entered the field of education for one reason; to help students succeed. I get a thrill from watching staff grow as educators and can feel joy in their successes as they pass on their newly developed knowledge to students.


What has stood out to you about our customers and their feedback at trainings so far?

At the elementary level, teachers love witnessing how easily kids can progress from one curriculum to the next (from Pathways to Literacy, to ELSB, to ERSB),and they appreciate the adapted books included in Pathways to Literacy and Building With Stories.  It’s really special for them to infuse meaningful literacy into lessons for their students.  One teacher was almost through the program for English Language Arts and already wanting more adapted books. I also noticed a lot of excitement in general about the blended approach we take for curriculum like the Early Reading Skills Builder.



I also talked to teachers who were thrilled to start using Early Science and/or Teaching to Standards: Science, because they feel like they’ve never been able to have a science curriculum tailored to their students before. Even before they started using them, they were talking about wanting more and more lessons, because it’s so hands-on and so fun. We talked about ways they could create other lessons using the guidelines sketched out in Early Science, or by using the framework of lessons from Teaching to Standards: Science.


What are you hoping to achieve at Attainment?

I truly believe in the products Attainment Company creates. My hope is to ensure as many districts as possible know about our curricula and have the opportunity to implement our products with students so they may continue to grow, gain independence and succeed in life!


Early Numeracy Curriculum

Do you have a favorite Attainment curriculum or product, and why?

I enjoy all of the Attainment products; however, my favorite is the Early Numeracy Curriculum. The program is laid out so nicely with a great deal of opportunities for repetition and review. I wish that I had access to this program when I was teaching! It was often challenging finding a program that targeted foundational math skills with hands-on strategies. My students would have loved working with the adorable manipulatives as they gained confidence in their abilities!


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