Back-to-School Tips: 4 Steps to Organize Your Curriculum


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So, with that in mind, one of our regular features will be Teacher FAQs. Today's answer comes from René Zelt, our new Training and Accounts Manager for Texas. If you have a question you’d like to see us answer here, please share it in the comments!


Q: As a first-year special education teacher, I am looking around a classroom full of amazing materials and feeling overwhelmed. Got any tips on how to organize my Attainment curricula so I'm ready to teach on day one?

A: Great question!

Below are some examples of a system I used in my own classroom when I was teaching our Early Science Curriculum. You can adapt these four simple tips for all sorts of curricula!

Obviously, keeping all of your subject-related materials in one location is helpful. And having curriculum materials prepped and ready to go for instruction is absolutely essential! These tips should get you off to an organized start.


1. Keep Daily Essentials on Top

Keep your Teacher's Guide for the Early Science unit that will be taught right on top of your shelves or cabinet, with the designated lesson tabbed and the Wonder Wally story opened to the corresponding story for the week. Pull your vocabulary cards for the week.


2. Separate Your Supplies

Keep additional materials needed for the lesson of the week together, whether they're stacked on a shelf, in a box, or in a handy bucket. Be sure to label each set of supplies so you don't have to search during a busy classroom moment!


3. Display Visual Supports

Place the KWHL Chart (or other visual aid) on an easel so that it is accessible to students and promotes interactions during lessons throughout the week.


Wonder Wally chart

This particular classroom also had a Wonder Wally to promote student engagement. I pre-recorded talking buttons with vocabulary, science rules, or the Wonder Question.


4. Think Monday-Friday

Try keeping your daily warm-ups or any kind of activities in day-of-the-week buckets or binders. Here I have the Exploring Science series and Science Step-by-Step (daily warm-up activities) plus science journals, in colorful, clearly-labeled buckets. Again, it's all about avoiding the frantic search while you're teaching!



If you have a helpful tip for your fellow special education teachers, please share in the comments!

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