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What is

If you work in a school district, you might already be familiar with Since 2000, this online charity has helped public school teachers get 740,689 educational projects funded. Projects might include anything from books and art supplies to sensory tools and technology. What all of the projects have in common is efficiency and transparency: teachers know exactly what they need, and donors know exactly how their dollars will be utilized.


Special Education Projects

It's wonderful to see that among the many special education projects, several teachers have reached out to their communities to help them implement an Attainment curriculum.



Results to Cheer About

Donating money to any cause is always more satisfying when you feel confident your gift is being put to use. Once their projects are funded, teachers share photos and examples that show how the materials are making a difference in their classroom.


Until every classroom has 100% of the funding they need, is a valuable resource. You can click here to learn more or start your first project.

Have you funded a project on before? Let us know in the comments how it worked out for you!

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