Early Reading Skills Builder: Bringing Research Into the Classroom


Building on the foundation of ELSB

Those who teach students with significant intellectual disability know that the journey towards literacy can be full of challenges. Having developed the Early Literacy Skills Builder to establish the foundations of literacy at the elementary level, Attainment turned towards the next goal: building up from that foundation with materials supported by additional research.

“It really is possible for students with moderate-to-severe disabilities to learn to read.” —Dr. Diane Browder


After successfully applying for a research grant through the U.S. Department of Education’s
Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, Attainment was able to partner with Dr. Diane Browder and her team at UNC-Charlotte for a multi-year research project. The results were powerful, and the proof is in the classroom, where students using the Early Reading Skills Builder Curriculum are making great strides.


Take a look at Nigel’s story to see ERSB in action:

ERSB is a blended curriculum, seamlessly integrating traditional formats, like books and manipulatives, with software and an iPad app. This blended approach helps you teach all your students effectively, creates an engaging learning process, and simplifies the administration of student assessments. Print materials, software, and the iPad app follow the same scope and sequence and instructional strategies, so moving among formats is easy and effective.

ERSB Curriculum is an especially great choice if you are currently using the Elementary or Secondary Core Curriculum Solutions, because it directly builds on the early literacy skills covered in the ELSB Curriculum and guides the student, at their own pace, to a 2nd grade reading level.

You can see sample pages and research results on our website. Do you have any questions about how ERSB can help your students?  Let us know in the comments!

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