Explore World History: FAQs and Tips


Answering your questions about the Explore World History Curriculum

When we introduced our new Explore World History curriculum with a giveaway this fall, one of the options for entering was to submit a question you had about the curriculum. We got some excellent questions from special education teachers, paraprofessionals and parents, and thought we'd answer some of them here on the blog.  Let us know in the comments if you have additional questions of your own!


Q: How can we make the topic of world history relevant and relatable for students with moderate-to-severe developmental disabilities, whose usual focus is on developing daily living skills?

A: Great question! First off, the structure of the curriculum makes the material as relatable and accessible as possible. All lessons are simplified and condensed to 75 words or less, with heavy illustrations. Secondly, there are definitely techniques we suggest to show how certain topics, like geography, can apply to their own daily life and surroundings. Explore World History uses maps, tables and other social studies tools, such as timelines, which provide visual organization to history, and these tools can do the same for students' lives! You might try creating a table together by asking questions like "how many students in this class like to color?" or "how many students like to play games?" You can also help the students make simple maps of the classroom or their neighborhood, or even timelines of their lives, for example. Activities like these help the materials in the curriculum become much more relatable.



Q: Are the picture symbols in Explore World History intended for use on communication boards?

A: The symbols on the PDF CD can be used on a communication board or any type of AAC or voice output device. The curriculum includes a lot of maps and photos that won't necessarily be included on the CD, but all of the picture symbols are included.


Q: Would it be beneficial to have some of the images from Attainment on the walls?

A: Absolutely! You can enlarge some images and display them on the walls. That's why we include them on the PDF CD. This CD also includes the whole student book, so to make the lesson more interactive, you can have your computer connected to a projector and do interactive group activities with the lessons.


Q: What hands-on options are available with this curriculum?

A: The included reference booklets are intended for student use, and they have all sorts of photos, maps, and timelines that students can examine close up. The blended format also makes the curriculum feel very hands-on, with various ways of encouraging interaction and engagement, like study cards, videos and quizzes.


Q: How do I measure student progress?

A: Each chapter includes a quiz, and there are unit assessments at two different levels to help you measure progress.


Q: This curriculum looks great! Is there an online or app component to this program?

A: There is a software component coming soon, which will then be turned into an app. Stay tuned!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a question!  Let us know in the comments if you think of any others.


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