Illustrating Attainment: Interview with Designer Josh Eacret

Introducing Josh Eacret, the newest graphic designer in our amazing Art Department!

Josh creates new illustrations and helps with design for new products. He also helps us refresh existing products like the GoTalk Now iPad app.


What piqued your interest in graphic design initially?

I've always enjoyed making things, so when I found out I could earn a living making things I was sold on it.


How did your professional path lead you to Attainment?

In previous work, I've created a lot of design & illustration for educational use. Over the last several years, my illustration experience has grown to include several styles.


What specifically about this job interested you?

SO many things, but specifically - the products we produce are definitely something to be proud of. It's work that you feel good about doing.


Do you have a connection to the special education community?

Not as closely as some; however, my wife was a Speech-Language Pathologist, so I've been aware of the need for products like what we make for a while.


What project or projects are you working on right now?

I just completed a new design for our GoTalk NOW app user guide and 200 or so illustrations for a new math product, Math Skills Builder. I'm currently working on illustrations for some adaptations of some popular literature.


What do you enjoy most about your work?

The job itself is pretty heavy-leaning towards illustration (which I love) and the nature of the company makes for a very satisfying job all around.


What are you hoping to achieve at Attainment?

I just hope to do the best possible work (which, in this type of environment, really isn't hard).


What keeps you busy/entertained while you're not working?

I love spending time with my wife Amanda and our two boys Silas & Salem. We camp and hike when possible. I also love things from the I'm usually trying to find the perfect addition to my growing collection of toys at my desk!


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