Last Days of School: Ideas for Students with Complex Communication Needs


Joni Nygard has a knack for encouraging participation from students using assistive technology in the classroom. She shares some creative ideas for the end of the year below!


1.) Have the student call out classmates’ names pre-programmed into their device, while assisting another student in passing out papers for the teacher.


2.) Include “Thank You” on their AAC device to approach a favorite teacher or two.


3.) Program comments for them to make when other students share their end of the year projects! (See below for an example.)

4.) Create an activity for students to go on a scavenger hunt within their building: The student can practice asking for items the class needs to complete the hunt.


5.) Record a question in their GoTalk to ask a friend, ‘What’s one thing you’re doing this summer?’ to facilitate conversation!


Do you have another suggestion? Feel free to share it in the comments! 

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