Curriculum Enhancements Are Here!

We are thrilled to present several brand new Curriculum Enhancement packages

Whether you’ve adopted Attainment’s Core Solutions or have a different core curriculum in place, our Enhancement packages for students with an intellectual disability or autism will enrich your lessons in English language arts and math (for elementary and secondary), math tools, and transition.

Each component has been hand-selected for its ease of use and effectiveness with a purposeful blend of print, software, and manipulatives to meet the needs of unique learners. You can check out descriptions of the new packages below, or view our full selection by clicking here:

Enhance Academics: Elementary ELA

  • Everyday Readers provide a tiered approach for age appropriate read-alouds and comprehension activities.
  • Picture Directions promotes independence and teaches sequencing and reading skills through step-by-step picture directions.
  • The Language Builder: Sequencing Cards introduce and build sequencing skills, storytelling, and more.
  • Bailey’s Book House teaches concepts like prepositions, letter sounds, and story comprehension through a collection of stories and activities.

Enhance Academics: Elementary Math

  • Millie’s Math House includes interactive activities that cover foundational math skills like numbers, counting, arithmetic, patterns, and problem solving.
  • MatchTime Software teaches time in four progressive levels.
  • Three TimeWheels show both digital time and its analog equivalent.
  • The Adapting Math Curriculum teaches money and basic math skills with assessments, benchmarks, and worksheets.
  • The Budget Town game uses color-coding, cash transactions, and picture cues to teach money skills.

Enhance: Math Tools

  • Look at Math Introductory Kit covers a wide range of concepts with a 120-lesson Instructor’s Guide, a heavily illustrated Student Book, and a PDF for printouts.
  • Place Value Packaging is a hands-on activity, requiring students to use number pegs to solve place value and addition problems.
  • Talking Calculator gives students auditory feedback when solving computations.
  • Six laminated Day Planner Books simplify daytime schedules.
  • Hands-On Money provides an organized collection of realistic bills and coins.

Enhance Academics: Secondary Math

  • Dollars & Cents Software highlights the progression of money skills: Counting Coins, Spending Money, and Making Change.
  • Show Me Math Software links computation with objects using an animated movie for all four math operations.
  • Money Books simplifies money identification through laminated cue books.
  • The Math for Life student book helps students learn six fundamental math concepts like measurement and percent through clear illustrations, graphic organizers, and high interest stories.
  • The Budget City interactive math game gives students practice in paying with checks, credit cards, or cash.

Enhance Academics: Secondary ELA

  • The Writing with Purpose student book focuses on descriptive, sequential, and comparative writing.
  • The Explore World History student book highlights informational text with a sequence of 97 lessons from Early Humans to Modern Times.
  • The Explore Social Studies student book provides 50 illustrated essays with corresponding comprehension activities at two distinct reading levels.
  • The Looking for Words Software teaches hundreds of words in home, school, and community settings.

Enhance: Transition

  • The Explore Social Skills 2 student book helps students understand emotions, facial expressions, and behaviors.
  • The Look `n Cook Microwave Cookbook presents easy-to-do recipes with picture directions.
  • The Living on Your Own Survival Guide uses step-by-step activity sequences to teach housekeeping and interpersonal skills.
  • The Computers at Work Software prepares students for office jobs.
  • The Aligning Life Skills Worksheet Directory includes 650 life skills activities that align to math, social studies, science, and literacy.


2017 Attainment CatalogWe hope you have a chance to browse all the exciting new products in the 2017 catalog.  Let us know in the comments (or contact your Account Manager) if you have questions about any of them.  And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for product specials and giveaways!

2 thoughts on “Curriculum Enhancements Are Here!”

  • Bonnie Cristina May 15, 2017 at 4:45 am

    I love your Transition themed videos but am interested in seeing an updated series. I teach students with low to moderate disabilities and I believe they could relate better if the videos were updated. this something your company is looking into?

    Bonnie Cristina
    Special Needs Business Lab
    Lowrance Middle School
    Winston Salem, NC

    • Attainment Blog May 15, 2017 at 8:22 am

      Hi Bonnie,
      Thanks for your question! Is there a specific video or series you had in mind? We frequently create curricula and video segments so I may be able to direct you to an updated product.

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