GoWorksheet Maker iPad App: A "Must-Add" for Your AT Toolkit!

Since releasing the new GoWorksheet Maker app for iPad and iPhone earlier this year, we have shared it at conferences and workshops all over the country, and the response from educators has been wonderful to see!

Teachers appreciate how easy it is to convert paper worksheets into digital, accessible activities, making the material come alive for students who need additional support. See for yourself just how simple it is:



Reactions & Reviews

Lisa blogs about her teaching journey over at All Things Special Ed: Tales from a Resource Room, and recently attended our workshop about the updated Stages Framework. She also had a chance to check out the GoWorksheet Maker App and shared her review here

It's so great to see educators sharing resources and ideas on social media! Here is some of the feedback we've seen since the app debuted:






You can purchase GoWorksheet Maker on the Attainment website or in the iTunes app store. If you purchase from iTunes, please share your feedback in an iTunes review! We love to hear from you, and it can help your peers make an informed decision.


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