New in 2016: Attainment's Transition Catalog

When Attainment started out back in 1979, our focus was on creating programs and products to teach life skills and pre-vocational skills to people with disabilities. For the past decade, much more of our work has been geared towards developing our Core Curriculum materials, but now it's time to go full circle. Our CEO Don Bastian has been determined to strengthen Attainment's foundation of independent living skills programs. And with that in mind, we're happy to present our new Transition Catalog!

What's Inside?

Geared towards agencies, sheltered workshops and independent living centers, the catalog contains a comprehensive array of transition skill resources for social skills, life skills and pre-vocational skills, as well as technology supports.

You'll find perennial favorites like the
Look 'n Cook cooking curriculum and
Pre-Voc work activities, the brand-new,
Explore Social Skills 2, and technology tools like the GoNow iPad Cases and GoTalks.


See for yourself!

If you work with individuals who have unique needs, or know folks who do, we hope that you will find the 2016 Transition Catalog a valuable resource. Feel free to request a paper copy, and let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

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