New in 2017: ELSB for Older Students


We are so excited to present the new Early Literacy Skills Builder (ELSB) for Older Students

Building on Research

If you're familiar with ELSB, you already know it is a powerful curriculum for students with significant developmental disabilities, including autism, who need to develop the foundations of literacy (conventions of print, phonemic awareness, letter-sound correspondence, and some sight word vocabulary). ELSB for Older Students was specifically designed to give older students who have not been exposed to foundational reading skills, age-appropriate activities to learn them. It uses the same scope and sequence as ELSB, which was based on five years of research at UNC-Charlotte (check out this video for more research info).

ELSB for Older Students includes:

  • Software
  • iPad app
  • Spiralbound Sam Stories
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Flash drive with electronic resources
  • Sight word and alphabet cards


Customized Avatar

Your students will love creating a special avatar to represent them in the software! Avatars appear on screen to indicate whose turn in the group it is to respond.

Sample of customized student Avatar


Age-Appropriate Stories

Sam Stories (read to the students in the software) describe the adventures of Sam, her family, and her friends, and students can follow along using the spiralbound book provided.


Activities & Assessments

A writing activity focuses on new vocabulary, and end-of-level assessments—scored instantly— help determine when to move students to the next level.


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