New in 2017: Science & Math


Brand-new math and science curricula now available at Attainment

We are proud to present Hands on Math 2 and Explore Life Science. Let us know in the comments if you have questions about either of these exciting additions, and look through the 2017 catalog for even more new products, specials, and updates.


Hands-On Math 2

Hands-On Math 2 helps students of any age who struggle with math. It begins where Hands-On Math leaves off, and progresses to tackle tough concepts like integers and fractions. Illustrations and manipulatives encourage all students to participate and succeed at math.

The Look at Math Instructor’s Guide includes:

  • 120 lessons divided into three units: Numbers, Measurement, Fractions
  • A comprehensive set of manipulatives for each lesson, including hands-on number lines and color-coded number pieces
  • A disc with PDFs of the Look at Math book plus additional assessments



Explore Life Science

The Student Book covers four basic biology themes (Ecology, Evolution, Cell Biology, and Human Body Systems), but presents them with extensive illustrations and simplified text that can be read aloud to nonreaders. Vocabulary and the Big Ideas are emphasized throughout the chapters to help students learn the concepts.

Also included:

  • Instructor's Guide
  • A disc with PDFs of student materials, assessments, and more
  • Four laminated Reference Guides, which provide a large format for students to study the concepts, and function as a lesson extension
  • Study Cards with each vocabulary word and Big Idea
  • Lab Materials, including card games, microscope slides, an animal cell model, and much more

2017 Attainment CatalogWe hope you have a chance to browse all the exciting new products in the 2017 catalog.  Let us know in the comments (or contact your Account Manager) if you have questions about any of them.  And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for product specials and giveaways!

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  • I am looking at the Go Talk products for a couple students. Do you ever loan a device on a trial basis?

  • Both the science and math curriculums look great! It is so good to have high quality, engaging materials to offer in my assistive technology reports!

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