New 2017: Sound Music eBook


Sound Music is an exciting approach that uses music to help students learn to reason!

Music information and appreciation are integrated into core curriculum instruction in a new and nontraditional manner.

Product Features:
  • Teaches students how to use logical reasoning skills with music
  • Helps to make a connection between verbal skills and math skills
  • Formatted as an interactive and engaging eBook

 We interviewed the author, Elizabeth Davis, to find out what makes this eBook so different, and how it could even elevate the importance of music in your school's curriculum.  

Elizabeth received a teaching degree from the University of Wisconsin- Madison. Sound Music is a confluence of her interest in philosophy, music, and early education. She lives in Madison, WI with her husband.


What was it that first inspired the idea for Sound Music?

Teaching in a class with first and second grade children who were already bored with school and uninspired to learn. As sad as that was, it motivated me to start thinking about ways that could make the school day more interesting.

Who is the intended audience?

A general audience of people who believe that public school children should be provided with realistic methods to teach kids to become better thinkers. More specifically educators, parents interested in music, school administrators, and anyone interested in educational innovations.

Why an eBook rather than traditional book?

With an eBook, all the musical examples can be embedded within the text making it immediately accessible.

What do you see as the role of music in teaching kids how to reason, etc.?

Music can play a key role in teaching kids reasoning skills as it taps into one of their natural areas of interest.

What are your hopes for teachers and/or paraprofessionals who implement the ideas in Sound Music in their classrooms?

I hope that there will be teachers who are interested in trying the sound music approach, and if they do try it, they will be rewarded with results including engaged students and growth in their students thinking abilities.

What role has music had your life?

Growing up, my family and I were always listening to different kinds of music like jazz, rock, folk, Brazilian, and classical. Everybody in my family loved music and played instruments including me. I started piano lessons when I was five years old.

Thank you, Liz! 

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