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Attainment Academy provides training and educational courses from experts in the field, using best practices, evidence-based methods, and successful models of support, all of which will positively impact your professional career. Attain your continuing education goals through this new professional development online series!


We are thrilled to present two courses taught by Dr. Paul Wehman, Ph.D., on our new Attainment Academy site! Dr. Wehman is a professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Virginia Commonwealth University, with a joint position in the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling and the Department of Special Education.

Dr. Paul Wehman brings 40 years of experience in transition and supported employment. The courses focus on youth with disabilities and their transition from school to the world of work. Each course walks you through videos, written materials, collaborative resources, quizzes to test your knowledge, and a final exam that will allow you to receive 2.0 Continuing Education Units from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Consider signing up for either course option: From School to Adulthood: Transition Planning for Youth with Disabilities and Going to Work: Pathway to Employment for Youth with Disabilities. These courses offer current best practices in transition to support students with disabilities.

  • 2.0 CEUs awarded upon course completion through the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.
  • Each course includes valuable information on transition and employment that provides video, lectures, and additional resources.
  • Quizzes at the end of each unit measure your knowledge.
  • Administrators have access to employees’ progress through each course.

Each course includes six units with five or six topics within each unit. There are recommended activities for each unit, additional reading, and online resources for support. See below for an overview of the course units.

An expert panel will present bimonthly webinars on key  topics in transition and include an “Ask the Experts” segment for any transition questions you may have for the panel.  Check out the experts at in the transition section of our 2018 catalog!

From School to Adulthood: Transition Planning for Youth with Disabilities
  • Unit 1:  What is Transition Planning and Why is it Important?
  • Unit 2:  Person-Centered Planning, Self-Determination: Whose Future is it Anyway?
  • Unit 3:  Community Resources and Interagency Collaboration
  • Unit 4:  Going to Work and College
  • Unit 5:  Life Skills
  • Unit 6:  Developing the Transition IEP
Going to Work: Pathway to Employment for Youth with Disabilities
  • Unit 1:  Key Employment Issues
  • Unit 2:  Employer Connections
  • Unit 3:  Internships and Apprenticeships
  • Unit 4:  Supported Employment
  • Unit 5:  Customized Employment
  • Unit 6:  Post-Secondary Education


Who is Dr. Paul Wehman?

Dr. Wehman’s background is highly interdisciplinary. He is internationally known for his pioneering work for supported employment in 1980, including a rehabilitation intervention strategy which has helped millions of individuals with a neurodevelopmental disability, brain injury, mental illness, and spinal cord injury in countries all over the world to gain competitive employment for the first time. Dr. Wehman holds his primary position as a professor in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Virginia Commonwealth University with a joint position in the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling and the Department of Special Education. Dr. Wehman serves as the Director of the VCU Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Employment, and Director of the VCU Autism Center for Excellence (ACE). He is the Founding Editor of the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation. He has researched, written, instructed, and presented extensively on issues related to transition from school to adulthood and special education as it relates to young adulthood. He has published more than 200 articles, 115 book chapters, and authored or edited 43 books.

He has most recently received the 2017 Leader of the Year Award from the Virginia Division of Career Development and Transition. In 2014, Dr. Wehman was named the recipient of the Princeton Lecture Series Fellowship through Eden Autism Services. Past honors include the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.-Foundation International Award in Mental Retardation, Mary Switzer Fellow for the National Rehabilitation Association in 1985, and the Distinguished Service Award from the President's Committee on Employment for Persons with Disabilities in October 1992. Dr. Wehman received the VCU Distinguished Service Award in 2001 and was recognized as one of the 50 most influential special educators of the millennium by a national survey coordinated by the Remedial and Special Education Journal (December 2000).


Attainment Company has been providing curriculum and assistive technology for over 40 years.  We are proud to host Dr. Wehman’s courses on our Attainment Academy site. Additional courses from a variety of experts will be available in the future!

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