Practical Perspective: Behavior Management


It’s so appropriate that the next item on my list for quality classroom services is behavior management! At this time of the year, students are all abuzz with holiday spirits from Halloween to Thanksgiving, and several other upcoming holidays! Plus, there are school days off for any number of events, like election day. It is critical that teachers provide behavior management that respects the dignity of each student while maintaining a strong instructional day for skill achievement.

Extra Resources:

  1. Least Intrusive Prompts – How do classroom staff actively work to utilize the least intrusive prompt strategy, or to cue a student to achieve learning?
  2. Classroom Rules – Are classroom rules posted in a manner that is understandable for every level of students' ability? These could be printed text only or printed text with picture symbols.
  3. Communication Choices – Ensure each student has an opportunity to communicate with choices in a response mode that is effective for them.
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